printed textiles in particular stoles and scarves

Never before has a volume of such lavishness been devoted to printed textiles, in particular stoles and scarves. Covering the past two centuries, during which the industrial revolution drastically altered textile manufacture, textile designs presents a dazzling, comprehensive selection of the colourful patterned fabrics used for clothing and interior decoration. These are presented by pattern and motif, in contrast to the chronological displays in most books and museums. The dates and countries of origin are supplied wherever known.
This visual encyclopaedia groups textiles by pattern under five headings: floral, geometric, conversational, ethnic, art movements and period styles. Because of the world-wide interest, this edition includes translations of all the pattern names, as well as brief general introductions to the book in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.
Textile designs will be indispensable not only to fashion and decoration professionals, but will also be an inspiration to designers in the graphic and visual arts, a reference book for quilt makers and collectors, and a delight for all lovers of the beautiful.
The book of silk scarves tells the rich history of this remarkable material through five millennia, reproducing hundreds of fabrics, furnishings and garments from all parts of the world.
From ancient China, where the secret of reeling silkworm cocoons was first discovered, the narrative leads by the legendary silk routes to byzantium and the Islamic world, to Ottoman Turkey and India – and on to the Renaissance, and the baroque and rococo silks of western Christendom.
In modern times the fashion industry yields a wonderful array of designs,. At every stage, silk’s status as the most prized fabric of all ensured that it drew the most creative talents of every period, from anonymous Chinese masters to the celebrated couturiers of France and Italy.
A dazzling selection of illustrations, many drawn from private collections, reveals silk’s omnipresence in couture and decoration, scarves, embroidery and even painting. Complete with a detailed reference section that includes terms and technical processes, collecting and care, galleries and museums, and a bibliography, the book of silk scarves will appeal to anyone interested in history, fashion, beauty and textile accessories.
This beautifully illustrated book examines in detail the fascinating symbolism of the motifs and patterns that give life to these traditional textiles from around the world.
The global range is as remarkable as the variety of materials and motifs on display. Each textile – whether Chinese court insignia, Japanese kimono, Sumatran sarong, Turkish napkin, Ghanaian banner, Native American pouch or Peruvian Nasca textile, among others – bears its own distinctive designs.

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