Article Writing Stop Wasting Your Content

Writing articles is a great way to make money online. However, writing does take time and energy. So, it’s essential that you get the most value from your web content, rather than wasting it.
Whether you’ve written five articles or 500, here’s an easy strategy to get the most value from your articles.
1. Assess the Article Content You’ve Written
Your first step is to assess your articles. Start by finding them. How many have you written? If they’re scattered all over your computer, collect them into a single folder.
Next, make a list of topics you’re writing about. Can you make money with these topics? Chances are that most of your topics are easily monetized.
2. Collect the Articles Into Groups
Now you’ve got a list of topics, create a folder for each topic, then add the relevant articles to that folder.
Grouping articles according to subject is the easiest way to group them. However, other groupings are possible. You may choose to group your articles by time, or by purpose. For example, purposes could include: articles you’ve written for your blog, articles you’ve written for clients, or articles you’ve written for promotional purposes.
Now you’ve assessed your content, it’s time to repurpose it, so that you get the most value from it.
Loaves and Fishes: Repurpose Your Content
There are various easy ways to repurpose content.
For example:
* You can turn your articles into reports or ebooks.
* You can turn your articles into audio files, or videos.
* You can create fresh new content from the basic ideas in your content.
If you go the “fresh content” route, you’re essentially reusing your ideas: broadening the concepts and extending them.
Another way to create fresh content from old is to repurpose your ideas for a new audience. For example, if you write about weight loss for teens, you could repurpose your ideas into weight loss for pregnant moms.
Your Content Is Valuable: Make the Most of It
Think about the content you’ve written as a valuable archive. You can repurpose content over and over again.
If you think that you’ll simply be rehashing content, that’s not the idea at all. When I repurpose, I’m always amazed at how completely different the repurposed material is from the original. You can achieve the same results if you allow yourself to be creative.
A tip: The key to getting the most value from your content, rather than wasting it, is to keep your articles organized. Set aside time each week or month to review the articles you’ve written, and create plans to repurpose them.

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