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When one door closes, another door will be open. The one thing we can take a lesson from Yully Widianto, an original lamp craftsmen who have Lengthy Art. Art lengthy is the effort Yully at the craft decor decorative lights that have made it to market memembuas Eropa.Lantas such as whether the business man who Hobbies understand this painting? Such explanations.

Starting From Trapped Condition born a Business Art Decoration

Inevitably, Yully plunging into the world of business took place because of a trapped aspect (under pressure). Yes, when it Yully must quit college in the Modern School of Design (MSD) Special constrained by cost. The closing of the last study opportunities trapped offset this condition then pushed Yully decided to try his luck in the world of business. Because he loved art design, so in th. 1998 Yully open interior Lengthy Art art business that produces unique decoration lighting for inside space and outside space.

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Early efforts of Lengthy Art

With capital from the sale of paintings, savings and debt of state-owned fund of Rp 6 million, Yully also determined to build Lengthy Art in Yogyakarta. The last capital used to purchase raw materials Yully lamp made decorations made of sand, stone powder, sand iron, bamboo, rattan, teak wood, cinnamon and scallop shells.

Lights Lengthy product of Art is not as light as usual, but it has the shape, size and unique color of light is not the same as usual. Lampstand lampshades and lamps are part of the decoration product Lengthy Art that has unique and creative design.

Exceptional decoration lighting, Art Lengthy also produce handicrafts such as tables, chairs, mirrors and lights home with the raw materials of nature take as rattan, bamboo or teak. Other natural ingredients like cinnamon, sugar and beans which she wears as well as other accessories to make beautiful homemade product. Lengthy product selling price to the customer on his own Art USD 150 000 to USD 1, 5 million per unit, depending on the raw material and the size and difficulty of manufacturing the product.

Operating constraints and Marketing Tips

At the beginning of its business, Yully claimed that homemade product was not accepted by most galleries in Jakarta. He had also obtained a customer who is not cooperative difficult because payments billed to affect Lengthy Art as a late entry. Although plagued by a variety of obstacles and problems Yully not despair. So that products continue to demand market, innovate diligently Yully product by combining the old with the newest type of the central trends in some product of his work.

Yogyakarta Decoration’s Art Through the European markets, 38 th man. Also try a variety of measures and marketing #startegi. One last tip is a flagship exhibition. Yes, the fair grounds offered by the local city government used to promote the product by Yully Lengthy Art creation. These tips can be proved very efficient because of the liveliness Yully follow the exhibition of handicrafts, products can be known and marketed quickly and widely.

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