Copywriting Tips For The New Internet Marketer

Everyone has their own favorite copywriting tips, but, as a new internet marketer, there is really only a handful that you should know in order to get start. What are they, and how will they get you started? Let’s have a look.
In this article we’re going to have a look at three of the key things you should know about copywriting if you’re a new internet marketer. We’ll start off by getting to know your product, follow that up by getting to know your customer, and conclude by getting your sales letter out into the big wide world.
First of the copywriting tips is getting to know your product.
What do you actually know about the product you’re selling? If you’re the creator of the product, you should know a fair bit, but if you’re a new internet marketer how do you get to a stage where you can confidently write about it? There’s only one way, really. Buy any affiliate product you may be promoting.
If you decide that you’re going to promote a big ticket luxury product then buying one may not be possible, but most new internet marketers decide to start a bit smaller than that, to begin with.
When you’re copywriting you need to know what you’re talking about to sell to the person visiting your site. If you don’t know about the product it will show in the copy, and generally the people looking to buy will be fairly clued-up about the products they’re looking to buy. So get it, use it, become an ‘expert’ with it.
If you know about the product you’ll be able to write about the things that will matter to the buyer. This will make your life as a copywriter a whole lot easier.
The second of the copywriting tips is to know who you’re selling to.
So, who are you selling to? Most people at this point will reply that they’re trying to sell to as many people as want to buy, which, to a certain extent, is probably right, but your sales letter shouldn’t be talking to a group of people.
To start with you should be writing for just one person – the person sitting in front of their computer screen reading it. Forget that you may have hundreds of ‘one’ people reading it at anytime, treat the reader as though you are having a one-to-one conversation with just them. The personal touch is always a winner.
Next, who is this person you’re in a conversation with? Most products will be targeting a specific demographic; do you know who’s in your targeted demographic? If you’re selling a product called ‘Knitting for the Total Bewildered’ and fill it full of street slang, you’re probably going to miss your target market of 65-97 year old retirement village grannies by just a tad. Not saying that teen skateboard junkies aren’t knitters, but they’ll be in the minority.
If you know your ‘person’ you can pitch the sales letter at their level and address their needs. Sales letters should be filled with the benefits of the product (which you’ll now know having used it) and the benefits you’ll be able to highlight will change to suit your targeted audience.
The last of the copywriting tips is to get something done.
It may sound silly, but so many people fall down at this stage. There are a lot of copywriters, specifically when it comes to their own products, who want to get it right the first time that they don’t get anything out there in the first place.
Nothing is ever going to be perfect. Take what you’ve got, get it out to the wider world, and make adjustments as you go along. You should always be testing your copy – as an example, split test two versions of a headline, then use the best and split test it with another, this can be done with every part of your sales letter – you will start to see areas where you can improve the conversion rate of the sales letter.
If you over analyze to start with, and don’t get anything published on your site, you aren’t going to get anywhere. Ok, you may not have the best sales letter, you may not have the best conversion rate, but you’ll still be doing better than the people who don’t even get there sales letters out there to be seen. Start something that you can then improve.
There you have it: copywriting tips for the new internet marketer. For most of the people who are selling online they won’t be three of the most revolutionary things they’ll hear about today, but they will work for them.
Get to know what it can and can’t do, and the benefits of what it can do. Know the ideal person to be talking to in your sales letter so you can write specifically for them. Finally, actually do something. Researching and writing is just wasted time if you don’t do anything with it; where would we be today if someone had realised a circular object rolls well, had decided they knew how to get people interested, and just stopped there?
So, are you going to be one of the many successful people who follow these copywriting tips?

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