Characteristic Features of Calling Cards Collecting for Those Choosing This Occupation as a Pastime

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  • August 4, 2009

There are an amount of objects people collect in their leisure time starting from photo and statuettes and finishing with jewelry and cars. Collecting of phone cards is the sector that began expanding rather not long ago, but has achieved a wide repute. From the start collectors didn’t think of phone cards as the object for collecting. But the moment prepaid calling cards turned decorative, a new direction in collecting has appeared.

Before gathering phone cards a collector has to be aware of an amount of characteristic features of phone cards. There are some approaches by which a person may classify calling cards. A collector may group phone cards in accordance with the following characteristics: all cards merely from a definite country or a particular producer (to begin you may take your own land); cards from different regions (Europe, Asia) add the variety of cards from a few states that a definite land assortment doesn’t have; one card from each peculiar land; individual issue cards (made by individual organizations or individual people for commercial aims); maintenance and complimentary cards (they are used by engineers and organization’s employees for checking or promotional aims) and themes cards. Theme international phone card are the most widely spread and diverse that’s why a collector might choose the topic in accordance with his predilections. Phone cards have specific parameters which every person ought to be aware of: international calling card might be upfront or overchargeable, they might be produced of different materials (paper, plastic), of varied form (elongated, rectangular) and dimensions; international calling card might be from a definite event or produce (World Cup, Cola), cards can be modern, mint and old, and also there are rare release cards. It is not obligatorily that all prepaid phone cards should own all of the introduced features, some of them might be omitted.

Here can raise a problem in a collector’s mind: where and which way to get phone cards. The easiest way is to purchase cards in a phone stall. To your regret not all stalls have cards from other countries and you are able to buy merely cards from your own country. The most widespread way is to exchange cards with companions or collectors from abroad. The value of each card is diverse and at times it’s rather hard to search out the collector with similar appeals that is why a person should think over the concepts of interchange cautiously. The third way is to purchase cards from dealers. When you choose this way, be aware of frauds that might take your cards and use them to their profit.

And finally, you ought to know that gathering phone cards can appear a particularly costly and time-losing pleasure. When you grow to a serious collector you might find it a credit to have a rare release international phone card. A collector will need to pay a lot of money, to exchange a lot of cards for a single uncommon card or even there might raise a necessity to go to the other country to get the proper card. You will need special equipment like cleaning means, safety boxes, albums, and several other issues in order that the collection to keep in a presentable condition. Collecting calling cards is not just a hobby but a difficult work that breeds delight.

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