Microsoft Outlook Sharing with MAPILab Groupware Server

If your organization uses Microsoft Outlook but does not use Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook sharing is still possible thanks to a great alternative called MAPILab Groupware Server. This solution allows for the sharing of all critical Outlook folders including messages, contacts, the calendar and even more.

Offering Outlook sharing in real time so that your organization’s employees can get easy access to all the important information they need, MAPILab Groupware Server is also a far cheaper alternative to the traditional methods yet it still manages to do everything that is required.

The program is a small download and does not take much time or a great deal of expertise to set up and start using. As soon as your company starts using it you can start saving time and money through this efficient solution. The program must be installed on the host computer of your company network, the one running Microsoft Outlook.

The host computer will then function as the server though it will not decrease the performance of the computer in any way. You can then do things such as creating plans in Microsoft Outlook’s calendar format. These can then be moved over to the MAPILab Groupware Server section within Outlook and then easily accessed by the relevant team members. Access rights for various team members can be designated beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about any security or confidentiality issues. Team members who have access to this will then be able to comment on the progress of work or on any other necessary issues.

MAPILab Groupware Server also offers shared message folders. This allows for all relevant team members to be easily able to access the messages they need and work with them accordingly. In the same way, contacts can also be shared with the relevant parties. Outlook sharing also accommodates for sharing of tasks and notes which can again, be altered or added to as required by any other team members who have access to them.

The software is also easy to use, with an intuitive and straight-forward setup to get you started. It integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Outlook and does not require any special knowledge to use. Employees should be able to start using it right away without problems.

The main reason why MAPILab Groupware Server is an absolute must-have in these situations is for profitability. It provides a far cheaper solution than using the traditional methods of Outlook sharing such as with Microsoft Exchange Server while it still manages to offer all of the necessary features that your organization needs. It also offers you completely free technical support for a period of a year and there is a thirty day demonstration version available.

You can find out more about MAPILab Groupware Server on their official website at Here you can download the free trial version and test it before purchasing. If you decide to buy the product, you will also be able to find the best deal depending on the size of your organization and how many licenses you need.

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