Forgotten Windows Passwords No Longer a Problem

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  • Febbraio 25, 2009

Home and office computer users often find themselves out of their PC due to a lost or forgotten password. If you forgot a Windows password, you can no longer login to your Windows account. But what if you lost an Administrator password altogether? Then you are in trouble!
Luckily, there is a solution to forgotten Windows passwords. Lost and forgotten Windows passwords are no longer a problem if you use Elcomsoft System Recovery by The convenient password recovery solution will let you boot from a CD or a flash drive and replace or recover Windows passwords you forgot in a matter of seconds. Forgot Administrator password? No problem! Elcomsoft System Recovery can either replace the forgotten Administrator password with a new password, or assign administrative privileges to any Windows account, effectively turning any user into a computer administrator.
Forgot Windows Vista password? The newest version of Elcomsoft System Recovery supports Vista passwords as well as passwords protecting user accounts in Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, and Windows 2008 Server.
With Elcomsoft System Recovery, you’ll never find yourself out of control. The password recovery tool will not require you to sign in to a computer you lost access to in order to restore access. Instead, simply insert a bootable CD-ROM into a CD/DVD drive and restart your PC. You’ll be logged in to familiar Windows environment complete with driver support, windows and mouse driven user interface and all the usual gimmicks of Microsoft Windows. If you don’t have a CD or DVD drive, you can easily make a bootable USB flash drive in a few minutes.
Forgotten Windows passwords can become an issue if you used file encryption on NTFS disks. In this case, simply replacing a forgotten Windows password with another password won’t help as you’ll lose access to encrypted data. In such circumstances, forgotten Windows passwords must be discovered in their original plain-text form. In order to retrieve the original forgotten Windows or Administrator passwords, Elcomsoft System Recovery can either attempt to find forgotten Windows passwords or, if this is not possible to do quickly, can save Windows registry files (SAM and SYSTEM) or password hashes for comprehensive offline analysis with other tools. Fast recovery of forgotten Windows passwords is possible with Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery, one of the most advanced products to recover forgotten Windows passwords. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery makes use of all computational resources of your computer and the entire computer network, including GPU accelerators built into latest NVIDIA and ATI video cards.
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