Keep An Eye On Printer Usage Using Print Censor Professional

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  • Ottobre 22, 2009

Being able to control the printer usage in a business surrounding is essential in order to save money. The issue, especially in the busy office location, is that the staff are likely going to be printing far more than they must. With no quotas on the amount of printing allowed, the costs for the printing can go up quite a lot.

In certain cases, you may have members of staff who are printing out things for their own matters. Of course, you are going to need to crack down on this if you want to save costs on your printing bills. But, it is difficult to monitor this manually, and you can solve the issue entirely just by using this simple software solution.

Print Censor Professional allows you to fully monitor printer usage. You can allow certain rights to certain members of staff, and organize it in a quota system. This simplu means that staff will not be able to automatically print out as much as they want. It also means, with the rising costs of printing gear, that you will save a lot on costs.

It doesn’t matter what sort of printers you use, as the software doesn’t even need to take that into account. Using the built in printer interface in your operating system, it will be able to monitor all sorts of printer usage on almost any hardware. On a local area network type scenario, this can be exceedingly useful.

The different staff on the network can have different quotas assigned to them. However, everything is made more straightforward for everyone since the program automatically communicates to everyone involved, informing the staff that their print job is being reviewed. It will then be able to inform people if the job has been accepted or rejected.

Also, although the program is designed to work in a Windows-based environment, it doesn’t matter what type of operating systems the other hardware on your network are running on. The program will still be able to monitor usage from all computers and all IP addresses on the network.

Also, you will find that the product is very straightforward to use. In spite of being targeted at professionals, and very much for an office environment, anyone can easily learn how to use this product in just a matter of moments. The interface is simple, attractive and very simple to follow with an absolutely minimal learning curve necessary.

Printer usage is monitored by this one window, and it will also record all the printing carried out. This will allow you to easily budget for printing in your company, and help you to start saving bill straight away. You can download the product over the Internet, so you don’t need to wait for any delivery time. All you need to do is start downloading from the website at The product is frequently updated and also comes a number of different languages, and at less than a 6 MB download, you will be able to start using it in no time at all.

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