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Marriage Counselling: Does It Really Work?

Marriage isn’t just all about the good things. Even the sweetest of lovebirds can turn bitter at some point. And it takes more than just romantic love to make things work.

If your marriage is on the rocks, attending marriage counselling in Essex can help you patch things up and rekindle the love. Studies show that doing this thing has actually helped couples mend, feel even more satisfied with their partnership, and deepen their emotional intimacy.

By The Numbers

Back in 2017, The Telegraph reported that around 3 million people in the United Kingdom claim that they are struggling with their married life. And in an estimate by non-profit organization Relate, almost two out of ten adults feel like they are in “distressed” relationships.

The main culprits? The said survey cited these top three reasons: financial issues, misunderstanding, and lack of sexual intimacy.

One of the things couples are advised to do is to get some counselling services. While it’s not a hundred percent guarantee, a separate study conducted in 2014 found out that around eight out of 10 couples who have undergone counselling said they are satisfied with the support they have received; 50% saying they are “completely satisfied” and 26% saying they are “mostly satisfied.”

When to Ask for Professional Help

Sometimes, tough-to-address issues between couples require mediation from a professional. If you experience any of the following, you might want to consider marriage counselling in Essex:

You feel like you’ve lost the “spark” and the connection

You argue over the same things (no matter how little or big they may be) over and over again

You are not as intimate as before

You’re undergoing a major life change (e.g. You’ve lost one of your parents, you’re adding a child to your home, you’re diagnosed with a serious disease)

Tips When Attending Counselling Sessions

Before attending sessions of Marriage Counselling in Surrey, here are some of the most essential tips you need to know:

Be open-minded. Your counsellor will try to pinpoint the root of your marriage issues, and in that sense, you need to have an open mind in order to properly lay down your predicaments. And if you seem to be hesitant — always go back to your goal: Why did you seek help in the first place? Isn’t it to make things work out?

Be empathetic towards your partner. Avoid the blame game and own up to your own mistakes. Just like what the adage says, put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

Be consistent. Don’t waste anybody’s time and effort. Show up and attend all sessions. And make sure you and your partner follow all the instructions and homework delegated by your counsellor.

The Result Varies, and It Depends on Different Matters

The truth is — not all marriage counselling in Essex leads to your desired results.

While it’s important to choose the right counsellor (he or she should have the license, the experience, and empathy), it still boils down on how receptive and participative you, as a couple, are.

As previously mentioned, both of you should open up your minds when seeking professional help. You must know that both parties have committed some kind of mistake for your marriage to be on the rocks — and on that line, you must be willing to adjust and correct whatever it is that needs to be corrected.

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