2014 Trends in Africa Financial Recruitment

February 2014 marks the end of our financial year- a good time to look back at the recruitment trends inside the banking and finance sectors, over Africa. In closing the year off, knowing the total pic of the prior year, it helps to program the year ahead as well as to improve on inadequate decision-making. Recruitment trends for the period February 2013 – February 2014Not all strong talent is on the marketMany candidates, who tend to be ideal for our clients’ positions in Banking & Finance in Africa, are happy at their current company. Management treats them well, they have job satisfaction and thus are definitely not looking to move… except if “for the right opportunity.” Since Africa exposure is a talent which many candidates tend to be vying for, this really is usually the thing that gets the prospect interested; the salary increase additionally helps, of course. Most of our clients are happy to pay for the right prospect, that is something that many companies are unable to budget for. Africa Recruitment trends in the Banking and Financial sectors show a shift in our clients’ needs, asking our headhunting services (more thus than general recruitment). Companies realize that employing the cheaper option is certainly not always good for extended term company sustainability. You headhunt from our clients’ direct competitors, which provide that edge that will make them a leader in their respective sectors. The ideal candidate for a role is certainly not always on the market- you should make it value their whilst to make a move, especially in the Africa recruitment market. Strong skill has options As soon as the ideal candidate who is active on the market, is identified, you frequently discover that there are more than one company vying after this candidate. Recruitment trends in Africa, in the Banking & finance sectors, show that candidates work with multiple recruitment fast to discover new opportunities for them. Given that some companies have panel interviews (where you have to co-ordinate diaries); the process gets delayed, thus candidates will frequently have second and 3rd interview at multiple company. Responsive social media presenceWith the outbreak of social media, recruitment trends in the Banking & finance sector in Africa, have revealed it has become increasingly important for us (CA Banking, Insurance, Finance & Legal Division) to build on and keep a responsive social media presence. Responsive because it is no longer important to simply have a static website – engaging with candidates as well as clients alike, in real time, offers a service that ensures our human aspect. Furthermore, our clients in Africa have social media strategies, that, if you are to service properly, should be able to meet their social media needs. CA Banking Africa, Insurance, Finance & Legal Divisions’ social media scope: CA Banking Africa, Insurance, Finance & Legal Division Facebook page for clientsCA Banking Africa, Insurance, Finance & Legal Division Facebook page for candidatesCA Banking Africa, Insurance, Finance & Legal Division Blog Overall, for the period February 2013 to February 2014; recruitment trends for CA Banking, Insurance, Finance & Legal Division, show that hiring activity in Banking & Finance in Africa, experienced a steady growth, especially towards the finish of 2013. CA Banking, Insurance, Finance & Legal Division has been building its brand as well as gradually, our reputation is achieving Africa as per our customer service and headhunting strategy goals. Our clients work in all sectors over Africa and request a whole range of services, ranging from Professionals look and headhunting, payroll to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

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