Control Internet Access with WiFi Hotspot Software .

Antamedia HotSpot Software provides businesses with everything they need for offering free or paid Internet access to their customers. This powerful wifi hotspot software is fully scalable and configurable, allowing you to control public Internet access to your entire business premises or even to an entire city. Your license is set to a maximum number of connected users, with the demo version allowing you to manage access rights to up to three users, the Lite version up to 20 and higher editions being unlimited. Thanks to the provision of a secure password-protected and Web-based control panel, you can configure and control Internet access to any type of device, including laptops, tablets and smartphones regardless of what operating system they’re running.

Ease of Use

With Antamedia HotSpot Software, everything is easier for both your management and your clients. No client-side software installation is required, and as soon as a guest connects to your wireless connection, they will be presented with the login screen in their Web browser. Since this is an entirely browser-based experience, it works precisely the same on any device be it a laptop, smartphone or anything else. You can offer either free or paid access at the login screen and even allow your customers to pay online there are then before they actually get online. At the same time, you can customize your login page with your own branding and to provide any additional necessary information or advertising.

Setting up Antamedia HotSpot Software couldn’t be easier either thanks to the fact that you can continue using your own network hardware, including routers (Mikrotik routers for remote locations are also supported), access points and any other network equipment you might have. Since the software works as a gateway for all of your hardware, you simply need to route all of your devices through the hotspot server. Once you’ve configured the program using the intuitive setup utility provided, you’ll be able to start managing bandwidth limits and download and upload limitations. You can even set maximum bandwidth quotas on a per-user basis, allowing you to set higher bandwidth limits for paying customers and more basic access rights to free customers.

Extensive Customization

With Antamedia HotSpot Software, you can easily preserve your branding across your login and signup pages by using your own logo, colors and preferred design them. You can also manage multiple account types simultaneously. For example, you might want to provide free wifi services to the guests of a hotel but offer only paid access to people in the lobby or restaurant. Other businesses, such as retailers, can even create special retailer pages in venues such as shopping malls, while restaurants can integrate things like TripAdvisor reviews or Facebook likes and check-in buttons on their login pages. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Antamedia HotSpot Software provides you with everything you need to build your own wifi hotspot, whether it’s for a single small business venue or a much larger-scale network, such as one that provides wireless access to an entire district or even a city. You find the wifi hotspot software download at

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