Easy Query Builder: allows you to build SQL queries to your database and learn SQL at the same time

All operations a user can perform with a database can be divided into two large groups: data modification (create, edit, delete) and data extraction.

For example, you may want to find your company’s top customers or get a list of all orders for the previous month. To perfom this task, you need some kind of SQL query builder which helps you to assemble the query, run it and show the result of its execution.

There are two possible types of query building solution on the market. The first is the most simple SQL management tools which allow you to just type an SQL statement and execute it. The second group includes visual query builders which provide you with some kind of UI for specifying table releationships, and condition result columns.

Both of these solutions are far from ideal, especially the first, since it requires a level of expertise which can hardly be learned in a few days. To build SQL commands, you will need to have an extensive knowledge of SQL syntax and the internal workings of the database. While the second solution provides a visual alternative, it also requires you to have a flawless knowledge of the internal structure and workings of your database.

It would be great to have a tool which allows you to build queries in a natural manner which will be understandable to users who do not have knowledge of the internal workings of databases. Using a solution such as Easy Query Builder provides the ultimate answer.

Easy Query Builder was designed precisely to save you time by making it easier and quicker than ever to build SQL queries and extract the information that you need in a timely manner. For example, you can build complex queries with ease by selecting attributes such as “Order Date” or “Customer Name”. Such operations can be completed with just a few clicks of the mouse. Although the user interface of Easy Query Builder is kept simple and straightforward with a minimal learning curve, this does not mean to say that the software isn’t powerful and fully-featured.

Moreover, EQB allows you to learn SQL syntax while you are quering your database. Any changes in the UI made by you are automatically reflected in the special SQL panel – so you get a human-friendly interpretation of your query and its SQL equivalent at the same time!

Easy Query Builder can work with all kinds of databases including, but not limited to, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access and Oracle. For each query built, users will get the correct SQL statement for the database used. Data retrieved from the databases can also be exported into Microsoft Excel. The best thing of all about Easy Query Builder, truly setting it apart from other similar solutions, is that it is completely free. In spite of it being provided as freeware, Easy Query Builder is full-featured and without any limitations whatsoever. For more, visit:

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