Monitor Network Hardware and Services with Network Monitor Software

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  • October 28, 2011

Network monitor software has many great uses such as network troubleshooting and repair, security monitoring and much more. Network Monitor is one such solution for your business. Though it is a professional tool, it remains user-friendly and does not require a particularly steep learning curve compared to many other types of network monitor software. The main purpose of Network Monitor is to thoroughly monitor and analyze all network traffic, recording and storing all of the collected data. It works on any computer running on the Windows platform. The system requirements are quite modest, so you should find that this is a perfect solution in most scenarios.

Network Monitor provides a reliable set of professional features that you need to get accurate results and fully understand and analyze data sent over your network. It captures, displays, analyzes and stores all of the data on any exchanges between computers connected to the network. To achieve this, Network Monitor monitors all of your IP connections. This is ideal for monitoring the behavior of your local area network as well as any applications which access the Internet or any services connected in some way to networking. Network Monitor is very suitable for developers of Internet-related applications, since it monitors all relevant hardware and services. This is perfect for programmers of device drivers, since it gives them the opportunity to thoroughly test every aspect of their software.

Not only is network monitor software a great tool for developers; it’s also great for LAN administrators in any kind of organization thanks to the great potential security boost that it can offer. Network administrators can use Network Monitor to explore any of the hidden traffic between devices on their network. It will help administrators to uncover any potential security threats in the form of hidden traffic which would otherwise remain ambiguous. Additionally, Network Monitor is ideal for monitoring company employees in some respects, since you can use it to detect any restricted activity being carried out by a member of staff. Since all data sent across the network is displayed and recorded, you should be able uncover any potential security risks or other problems in no time.

Network Monitor is a trustworthy application from HHD Software, a well-established company in the world of hardware monitoring solutions. Developed by highly trained and experience professionals in the area of network communications, you can be sure that Network Monitor will live up to your expectations. Ultimately, Network Monitor will help you to save time, money and stress. It has helped many people already from software and driver developers to network administrators and computer security personnel. Network monitor software takes a load of work off your hands and helps reduce the risk of human error since it takes care of all of the monitoring of network protocols and complex data flows. Instead, you can focus fully on your own work, without having to get bogged down in other complications.

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