How to Retrieve Data from Formatted Drives .

Deleting important data can be a stressful problem to encounter. Oftentimes, data loss is down to unwittingly formatting the wrong storage device, whether it’s a USB flash drive, a digital memory card or the hard disk inside your computer. Other issues that can lead to data loss include cybersecurity attacks or a logical drive failure. Whatever the cause, the effect tends to be much the same, and you may assume that your data is gone for good. Fortunately, thanks to powerful data recovery software, it probably is possible to get back what you’ve lost. For example, if you accidentally delete a hard drive partition or format the storage media, you can use third-party recovery software to retrieve the lost data before it gets physically overwritten.

Unformat is a complete data recovery tool for retrieving lost data on deleted partitions or formatted hard drives and other storage media. This software provides an extremely important function that is not supported natively by any operating system. Whether you have emptied the Recycle Bin or formatted the entire disk, Unformat provides excellent chances of getting your files back intact. The reason this approach works is down to the nature of formatting and deleting files on modern operating systems. When you format a disk, for example, the only thing that’s deleted is the master file table, which is a directory of all the files and their locations on the disk. The files themselves, however, will remain hidden on the drive until something else overwrites them.

Unformat takes advantage of this window of opportunity to retrieve lost files by performing a deep scan of the drive and basically unformatting the disk. The process involves rebuilding the master file table to include all the otherwise lost files and folders. The software also works with all popular modern file systems, including those natively used by Windows, MacOS and Linux-based distributions. Additionally, Unformat works with all writable digital storage devices, such as hard drives, solid state drives, digital camera memory cards, USB pen drives and other external disks. No matter what you want to recover data from, Unformat makes the process quicker and easier than ever thanks to its beginner-friendly user interface and detailed instruction manual.

Further improving upon its rich set of capabilities, the latest edition of Unformat features some important changes. It adds more file signatures, allowing it to search for additional file types that previously weren’t supported. These additional file signatures make it much easier to retrieve deleted files of certain types, such as DB3, SVG and OST. The latest version also provides complete support for the Microsoft ReFS and Linux/Unix JFS file systems and native support for Windows Storage Spaces. User interface improvements make the program easier and more pleasant to use, particularly on large monitors and high screen resolutions. Other new features include refinements in XFS and Ext4 file systems recovery and improved advanced scan speed and memory usage.

If you’re ready to get back your lost files and recover your formatted disks, visit today.

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