A High-End Vector and Raster Editor for Mac .

There is no shortage of drawing software for Mac, which makes it difficult to choose the right program for your needs. Perhaps you are looking for a vector editor for Mac, but sometimes you need to work with raster image formats. Of course, you could also install a raster editor for Mac, but then having to work with two programs can be inconvenient and disruptive, especially when it becomes a regular part of your daily routine. Canvas Draw seeks to break that mold by being one of the best combined drawing programs for Mac available. Furthermore, it does not feature any high-end learning curves, despite the fact it provides a wealth of useful tools and abilities that can easily rival those of many far more expensive and complicated industry-leading solutions. Both a vector and raster editor for Mac, Canvas Draw is the ultimate solution when it comes to versatility and functionality. It also includes full support for the Unicode standard and improved support for touch screens.

Adapt Your Workspace to Your Needs and Preferences

Most software is designed with a very broad and general audience in mind, which leaves a lot of people dissatisfied with the whole user experience. Fortunately, recent years have seen a dramatic shift towards tailored solutions that are designed to work better within specific environments and usage scenarios. Recognizing this important digital trend, Canvas Draw provide everything you need to adapt and customize your workspace to better suite your style, preferences and requirements. This allows you to work more comfortably and more efficiently, since it lets you streamline your workflows. For example, you can use the powerful search function to find specific objects in your vector drawings, such as shapes, colors, strokes, text, special effects and even individual vector nodes. You can even add your own watermarks to your images to help protect your intellectual rights from copyright theft.

Canvas Draw for Mac provides a fully customizable user interface that is fully compatible with multilingual environments thanks to built-in Unicode support. It also supports many different vector and raster file formats, including many lesser known ones. You can export files of various formats into existing projects too, which allows you to merge multiple images, even if they use a mix of vector and raster formats. Thanks to layered editing, you can create images of varying levels of complexity and save them using Canvas Draw’s advanced proprietary format. Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional or just a novice starting out, Canvas Draw provides you the tools you need to achieve stunning results in less time. It offers the ideal solution for professional photographers, graphic designers and marketing teams wanting to create outstanding presentations like brochures, flyers and posters.

It doesn’t take much time to learn how to use Canvas Draw thanks to its instantly familiar layout and standard set of tools. It’s an intuitive program backed up by extensive and easy-to-use documentation, and there’s a hierarchical document layout feature that keeps you informed about every stage. Get started at .

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