Different Types of Ink Cartridges and Its Important Features

A printer is essential in every office and business organization. Printers facilitate printing, copying and faxing services on a regular basis. Quality ink cartridges are essential for the smooth functioning of printers. Printers need to be refilled regularly for effective and clean prints. The significance of these cartridges has increased in the past decade due to the rise in the use of printing machines and computers. Printer cartridges are easily available in different varieties in many of the online and offline stores at various price rates.
Various Types of Ink Cartridges
It is important to know about the different types of cartridges so that it is easy for the consumers to make the right choice. The ink cartridges are basically divided into two which include the dye based and the pigmented inks.
Dye based: The dye based cartridges are ideal for single chrome printing. It is available in different attractive colors. However, it takes time to dry completely compared to the pigment based ink.
Pigment based: The pigment based cartridges are considered to be more efficient and reliable compared to the dye based cartridges. It dries quickly and gives clear and neat prints. It is fade- resistant and water proof too.
Different types of cartridges are also made available today and some of the most significant varieties include the following.
Compatible cartridges: One of the most effective varieties of cartridges includes the compatible cartridges as it is cost effective and highly useful. It is used in most of printers as it is quite compatible. It is used in most of the offices as it is reliable and cost effective compared to the high priced branded cartridges. It is ideal to choose compatible cartridges for large scale printing as it reduces the overall costs.
OEM cartridges: The OEM cartridges are the most expensive and exclusive varieties of cartridges used in offices and homes. These original cartridges are manufactured by branded companies and so it is quite expensive.
Remanufactured cartridges: Another variety of cartridges include the remanufactured cartridges which are refilled by companies. It is widely used in many offices as it is cost effective and useful. These cartridges can be used to obtain good quality prints. The original products are replaced with new spare parts in these cartridges.
Recycled cartridges are also used in many business firms as it facilitates waste reduction by using the same cartridge. Moreover, it is equally functional and reliable.
There are many online stores that showcase different types of ink cartridges. This will help to save both time and money. Online suppliers offer cartridges at attractive price rates. Most of the suppliers have individual websites that showcase various products.
It is pertinent to use the right type of cartridges in printers as some of the printers require original cartridges to function smoothly.

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