Foreign Direct Investment in Real Estate Sector in India

Real Estate Investment in India is one of most successful investment phenomenon in the last few decades. Real Estate industry in India has reached a culmination point ever since, the gates were opened to the foreign investors. This is the reason why many foreign investors are investing huge amounts of money in this sector.

The real estate developments in the country consist of the following:
• Constructing houses
• Townships
• Residential complexes
• Office buildings
• Shopping malls
• IT parks

With a healthy growth rate of 30%, the commercial market in India portrays a truly ascending curve. More than 10% of India GDP and close to 8% of employment, retailing has enabled India to reach a comfortable position among the other progressive nations of the world. In fact, the retail industry in India is booming with a bang and has emerged to be a very promising sector in recent future.
One of the other advantages of the Real Estate industry in India is that nowadays, the real estate dealers are looking forward to influence the SEZs as well. As a matter of fact, since the year 2005, FDI in real estate sector in India has earned a promising amount of US$ 8 billion approximately.
Real Estate Investment in India is not only a bright prospect, but also, from a magnified dimension, it is a potential opportunity to optimize the benefits of the economic growth in India.

FDI in Real Estate Sector in India

FDI, popularly known as Foreign Direct Investment is encouraged in the country. It helps to boost the national economy. FDI is encouraged in the following sectors in India:-

•  Development of Hotels
• Travel and Tourism Industry
• Hospitality
• Development of Township
• Development of Commercial Real Estate
• Infrastructure development
• Construction of Resorts
• Constructing Educational institutions and recreational sites
• SEZ (or Special Economic Zones)

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