Learning how to type has never been so easy with Rapid Typing Tutor

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  • Dicembre 28, 2009

Rapid Typing Tutor presents you with an innovative, efficient and enjoyable method of learning how to type. Whereas many typing tutors can be boring and repetitive to use, this one manages to break out of that mould offering a new and more effective method of learning how to touch type. This typing tutor can even bring some fun into the experience, making it a joy to use for both adults and children alike. Lessons are planned out in such a way that you can easily pick up from where you left off or simply use the typing tutor to perfect already satisfactory typing skills.

Rapid Typing Tutor also gives you detailed statistics after every lesson that you complete. This means that you can effectively monitor your progress and confirm that your typing is indeed improving. This is not only highly motivational, but it also helps you to distinguish your weak points and strong points, giving you an accurate idea of what to focus on next. Being able to see your progress improve rapidly is a great idea and no longer do you simply have to just work your way through lesson after lesson, hoping that you are going to improve your skills eventually.

The interface of this typing tutor also offers you a well designed and easy way to get around the program and progress through your lessons. Its interface includes many visual aids and various customization options. This gives both adults and children alike something more aesthetically pleasing and better optimized to work with, making this typing tutor a cut above many of the older ones which were often tedious and cumbersome to use. There is no real learning curve for the program itself and you can simply download and start using it right away regardless of your current level of computer or typing skills.

Custom lessons and courses also give you a great degree of versatility and also the opportunity to focus on the areas where your skills most need improvement. This will not only dramatically improve your productivity, but it will also help you to optimize your overall skills and avoid certain pitfalls which let down your performance. Using customized lessons, you can focus specifically on certain areas of the keyboard for example, focusing on the sections in which you still need improvement such as where you have not quite got the right hand and finger placement.

Rapid Typing Tutor is designed for comfort, convenience and ease of use. If you are not using a standard keyboard layout, then this typing tutor can also take that into account with wide support for various languages and keyboard setups other than the default English one. However, one of the greatest advantages of all is that Rapid Typing Tutor does not cost a cent and you can download it today and start improving your typing skills immediately. To find out more information and the download links, visit

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