Intercontinental Business owner creates mobile phone app firm

Bryan S.J. Mallindine is an entrepreneur from San Diego, CA. Bryan S.J. Mallindine is presently a resident of Carlsbad in California. Bryan is a parent of only one son, who is following in his dad’s ways in being a business owner while only in his mid-twenties. Mr. Mallindine has been involved in uncountable entrepreneur accomplishments globally.

Bryan was working out ofMilan, Italy and San Diego, CA when he was working from two continents for 8 years; 2001-2009. He was connected with ExpoTour. ExpoTour Europe teamed up with him. ExpoTour constructs global presentations, conferences and seminars, business meetings and “round tables” related to tourism activities.

Intourmarket (ITM) is the greatest touring convention designer in Russia. ExpoTour is also the authorized facilitator of ITM. ExpoTour also accommodates other benefits for its members. Booking for airplane passes and lodging, visa support, and transfers are examples of the advantages covered.

The entrepreneur has many distinct degrees and certifications in his possession. Bryan Mallindine has an MBA in Marketing & Strategic Planning from IMD Switzerland. IMD is the number one rated Masters in Business Admin program on Forbes website for the past recent 5 years. All IMD Switzerland programs of study and services converge on real-life obstacles that business pioneers will come against in their business endeavors. IMD works with teams, individuals, and organizations to help resolve real executive problems and prepare for the future. Bryan has a Bachelors of Commerce degree with a concentration in Finance and Economics from the University of Toronto. In 2012, the University of Toronto was rated 7th by Nanyang Technological University Ranking and 21st by Times Higher Education in global rankings. The University of Toronto has approximately 80,000 enrolled, and is one of the most respected and impressive colleges of higher education and excellent scientific research on the globe. Bryan is also an global CPA and he was the controller of Price Waterhouse in 1982 until 1984. He is also a recipient of a MA (Masters of Arts) with a concentration in Management and Human Resources.

Bryan was the President of a business that assembles the Physical Movement Therapy Device (PMTD) which is known as Flexiciser. This innovative technology provides motion of arms and legs at the same time with little to no weight-bearing impact on your joints. Buyers are capable of achieving Movement Therapy, which has been proven to increase the everyday well-being of patients who struggle with mobility, also with countering the future decay of the quality of life due to a physical limitation. Flexiciser International is the United States’ number one assembler of movement therapy products. Flexiciser can provide answers for paraplegics, quadriplegics, multiple sclerosis patients, people with cerebral palsy, victims of a stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, and traumatic brain injury.

Bryan Mallindine’s upcoming business project is centered around Mobile App marketing that will be based in Denmark. The business specializes in selling and marketing medical mobile applications that aid users in striving to be more happy and healthy. A portion of the mobile applications the company offers provide consumers perception on the every day life choices they can make to benefit themselves, and the intuitiveness is custom fit to all individual users established on info the users put into the app.

The entrepreneur hosts marketing webinars. Bryan will shortly be hosting a radio talk show online to offer business and marketing directions to the world with hopes of helping people execute their own dreams.

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