Keyword Research Services – Are They Worth the Price?

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  • May 15, 2009

As online business owners, we have a barrage of keyword research tools at our disposal — free desktop software, free web-based tools, and paid versions of each of the above. In other words — there are plenty of choices if we want to perform our own keyword research for our websites. However, how do keyword research services fit into the equation?

First off, there is a patently wrong idea that tends to float around the internet, specifically with new, or inexperienced, online business owners, as well as with newer internet users in general. That false information is the notion that, if you can do it yourself for free, there’s no point in paying for it. What’s more incredible, though, is that some plainly-ignorant individuals scream “scam” when this situation occurs. Just because somebody is charging for keyword research services when you can do the exact same thing yourself, without any out-of-pocket expense, doesn’t mean it’s a rip-off, or a scam.

Keyword research services are a service of convenience, much like auto dealerships who offer oil changes, or gas stations that offer automatic car washes. Sure, you can change your own oil in your vehicle without paying for the labor, and you can wash your car at home without paying for the use of somebody else’s water, soap and wax. Those are options, just as you can perform your own keyword research with freely available tools. However, many people prefer the convenience of not having to do everything themselves — whether their time is too valuable, or they don’t have the skills, or tools, to perform the services that they are looking to hire out.

Keyword research services play a much-needed role for today’s website owners. Many who are new to the online business or online marketing games simply do not know how to perform keyword research, and a decent percentage of those individuals don’t really care to learn how to do it. For others, they have more money than they have time, and even if they know how to do the job themselves — it makes more sense for them to pay somebody to do their keyword research for them. Most savvy business owners, especially when they have money to work with, will do what they do best, and outsource the rest so that they don’t waste time trying to save a few dollars while they lose hundreds.

While it has been alluded to, one of the benefits of purchasing keyword research services is that you are receiving expert advice on your keyword market, without having to pay the much-higher rates that professional search engine optimization firms will charge for the exact same services. If somebody is offering keyword research services, there’s a very good chance that they’re quite competent at what they do, otherwise, even after a few customers, their bad reputation would spoil their chances of making a career out of their trade-of-choice.

So, to answer the question as to whether keyword research services are worth the price, in plain language, anyway — yes, they can be. At the end of the day, they are a service of convenience, and if it’s more convenient for you to purchase keyword research services than to do the legwork yourself — how can it not be worth the price?

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