Record Web Radio Stations Completely Free with GetRadio

Don’t miss a unique opportunity to take an advantage of an unparalleled offer – obtain GetRadio, a powerful tool for web radio downloading, completely free. GetRadio is a potent software that allows you to listen to over 25,000 Internet radio stations and record all the songs you like to MP3. It is a great means to enjoy your favorite music and effortlessly expand your music library at the same time. In GetRadio you can select specific stations you want to listen to or just choose a preferred genre and enjoy top stations broadcasting such music. And while you listen, GetRadio will automatically record the songs and save them in MP3 format on your computer. It is also possible to record music from several radio stations of a selected genre simultaneously, which significantly saves your time. And if you would like to record the songs performed by specific artists, you can do it easily by specifying the artists’ names, and GetRadio will record their songs as soon as they air on any web radio station. This program is very easy to use as it has clear and handy interface, and you will definitely have lots of fun while using it.

And now you have a great chance to get this web radio recording tool for free, as GetRadio is now available for pay with a tweet. You opinion matters, that’s why all you need to do to obtain GetRadio for free is to post a tweet about GetRadio. Let your friends know what you think about this software, share an information about its capabilities, and in return you will be able to record all the music you want from your favorite radio stations absolutely legally and free of charge. Your tweet might be very helpful for people looking for a fast, convenient, and easy way to record web radio. Moreover, if your friends will follow your lead and pay with a tweet – they will obtain GetRadio for free as well. Pay with a tweet system is very easy to use, and if you decide to have a try you will be able to get your free GetRadio without any effort in the twinkling of an eye. All you need to do is to click “Pay with a Tweet” button on GetRadio official website, sign in with your Twitter, post a tweet about the program, and enjoy unlimited web radio downloads.

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