Responsibilities of a Fire Warden

Responsibilities of a Fire Warden


major duty

of a Fire Warden would be to ensure evacuation of that part of the developing

they may be responsible for.


Should not place themselves at danger in carrying out their duties


Need to check all places such as rooms, toilets

and store rooms within their

designated location


Must encourage people to leave the building by the nearest obtainable exit in an

orderly manner and direct individuals towards the suitable assembly point


Must not use physical force or become involved in confron

tation. Should you be

aware of somebody remaining in the building then you definitely are to inform the Fire

Brigade on their arrival


Report any other difficulties associated with all the evacuation approach to the senior

particular person present (Security employees)


Could have other duties r

elated for your operating practices and environments


Help safety employees in manning external exits


Report to safety staff in the event you uncover a disabled individual inside the protected refuge

Day to Day Duties


All fire exits and routes to them stay unobstructed


Contact p

oints are visible and unobstructed


Fire extinguishers usually are not missing or obstructed


Basic house

keeping doesn’t pose a fire threat e.g. storage of waste paper


Any proof of smoking inside buildings is reported

Fire Safety Issues

Report any fire

security concerns which you might must your School/ Departmental Safety



At Premier FST we provide the instruction for you personally to grow to be a fire warden.

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