What Does A Bathroom Renovation Cost ?

Great, you’ve bought your house, and its time for you to renovate your bathroom, but your still wondering “what does a Bathroom Renovation Cost“. Well that’s a good question, it can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to an in excess of $50 000. Generally a complete bathroom renovation will cost you somewhere between $8000 to $25000, depending on what you want to do. Yes, that’s still a pretty big spread, so lets take a look at a few factors that might influence that :-

Major Bathroom Renovation Cost

If your planning to completely gut your bathroom and start again with a blank canvas, here are some of the major costs you can expect :

· Building permits – Depending on where your property is, and if the job is estimated at over $10 000 and involving structural design changes, you might need a building permit. A building permit can cost you up to $1000.

·Bathroom Fittings – The bathroom fittings and accessories, can vary wildly in price. A new toilet can cost you on average $180 for a budget model and up to $1000 for a wall hung model. And these costs do not include installation of the toilet.

·Plumbing Costs – This is a real killer you can pay anywhere from $70 – $180 per hour depending on the plumber. It will start to cost you if you are looking at doing major plumbing rework, and changing locations of the pipe e.t.c.

·Other tradesman – Don’t forget you will need other trade people other then Plumbers, Electricians can cost an average of $90 per hour and as well as Tilers any where up to $60 per hour.

Things to Consider with a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation company can give you a complete price on the renovation job, which will include tradesman and all materials required. You can expect to be with out a bathroom for a few days though. If you go down this route make sure you spend the time in getting it right, the better your information about what you want that you provide the better the job.

Make sure you answer these questions first.

·Are you wanting to move a bath, sink or shower ? Remember that there is major cost associated with this.

·Are you wanting to have a skylight installed.

·What type of bathroom tiles do you want ?

·Do you have enough lighting or do you need more

·What colour and type of bathroom accessories are you going for ?

Take a look at plenty of photos for bathrooms that have been renovated (check out our Bathroom Gallery) , just make sure you have your budget in mind first. When you talk to a bathroom renovation expert, start high, and let them give you the benefit of their experience, if your not happy with the quote you can always get a second price.

Getting quotes

The easiest way is to Google plumbers in your area, and you can always try the yellow pages.

Permits and Red tape

One last word of advice is make sure you use a licensed contractor where ever you need to , and check with your local council about permits required. the great thing about going for licensed tradespeople is they will be covered by insurance. So you can make sure your you bathroom renovation cost doesn’t get blown out of the water by mistake.

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