What Is A Drag And Drop Website Builder?

What Is a Drag and Drop Website Builder?

Today you can find many site constructors marketed as the most simple web design tools that don’t require any HTML knowledge. Usually, such tools feature extra-handy drag-and-drop editors. Actually, this utility is nothing new, as it has been used in non-sitebuilding sphere for years. However, the true convenience of this editor was discovered in the site constructing sphere. It has enabled millions of non-techies all around the world to create their own websites. In this article I’m going to explore the advantages of using suchlike drag-and-drop sitebuilders.

What Is Drag and Drop?

Drag-and-drop technique is an easy-to-learn gesture used in graphical interfaces. It implies selecting (‘grabbing’) a virtual object and dragging it to another location/virtual object. In simple words, it is a very fast and flexible way to manipulate various virtual objects.

What Are the Advantages of D-n-D Editors?

Drag-and-drop editors significantly simplify your sitebuilding experience: when using them, you don’t have to jump from your admin panel to preview and back to see the results of your work. With this utility you can instantly change the location of the virtual objects and see the results of your actions at once. Admit, that with such a sitebuilding option, creating a website looks like a piece of cake even for kids.

Try Drag-and-Drop Editor Right Now

Although the principle of work of d-n-d utility remains the same on most sitebuilding platforms, different sitebuilders offer different restrictions for this kind of editor. Some of them offer a mixed interface, containing both HTML and drag-and-drop editors. Of course, these are the real godsends for those who know a bit of code (because mixed editors enable you to build a unique website). However, those who have nothing to do with programming would prefer using a true drag-and-drop sitebuilder.

One of such sitebuilders is uCoz. This platform is mainly targeted on newbies that never come across HTML. To realize the simplicity of this site constructor you can go directly to their main page to see the drag-and-drop editor in action. At the bottom of their main page you will see several manageable blocks – feel free to move them 🙂

Save Your Time and Energy – Select uCoz

Although uCoz is a true drag and drop website builder that is primarily focused on non-techies, it can be also effectively used by experienced webmasters. Its rich functionality, high safety levels, and democratic pricing policy will be appreciated both by skilled professionals, and novices.

You have an idea and you want to share it? Or maybe you have a good business plan, but the very prospect of creating a business website freaks you out? You are bound to try uCoz! Furthermore, you can always do this for free. With uCoz you can enjoy the benefits of having a full-fledged website today!

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