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How To Prepare Your Home For New Boiler Installation

A boiler is an enclosed vessel that is responsible for heating the home and the water that runs in the pipes. Having one replaced or getting one installed temporarily for the winter is an added expense for homeowners which is stress-inducing all on its own. Aside from calling the boiler installation Essex company to schedule the installation, it is also the responsibility of the residents to prepare the home for the workers.

Getting a boiler installed is a tedious job that can be completed within a couple of hours, but with your help and preparations, the task can be accomplished smoothly and quickly. Here’s how to properly prepare for the installation:

1 – Ask The Company Questions

There is no shame in over-preparing for the boiler installation. In fact, it will help you and the installation crew a lot if you know what to expect. If you have any questions or concerns about what to do before the engineer arrives for the installation, try asking these questions:

Is there an exact time for the installation to occur? Should I expect a window concerning the team’s arriving and completion of the job? Are there parts of the house where access is not allowed during the installation? Does the crew require access to other utilities?

Asking these questions and similar ones will help you and those in the house better prepare for the team to arrive and install the boiler.

2 – Clear A Path

In case there’s a lot of clutter or the space inside your home is too small, clear a path for the installers to walk on. This may mean putting a plastic cover on your hardwood floors or simply just moving boxes, children’s toys, or shoe racks to a different location to avoid any accidents and injuries as the team moves in and out of the home.

3 – Clear The Working Area

Boilers are typically installed in the basement where a lot of excess junk is stored. If this is the case with your basement, it is also advisable to clear the working area before the boiler installation Essex based professionals start working. A clear working area reduces the likelihood of injuries, accidents, and property damage. All of which will benefit you and the installers.

4 – Create A Separate Staging Area

The process of installing a boiler is complicated and requires a lot of tools and equipment. To avoid causing a mess inside the home, set up an outdoor staging area where the team can put all the extra tools and equipment if they are not being used. However, if the weather doesn’t permit an outdoor staging area, allow them access to your garage instead.

5 – Prepare To Lose Temporary Access To Basic Utilities

There are some cases where boiler installation leads to the loss of running water and even electricity. If this occurs, don’t panic. Make sure that everyone has showered, charged their phones, and used the toilet before the installation team arrives. The installers will also confirm that access to the utilities will come back once the new boiler is ready.

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