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How to get an education in the Czech Republic

(Higher education in Prague, vocational education in the Czech Republic), get a job in the Czech Republic, get a second degree in the Czech Republic, a study in the Czech Republic for free (at the expense of the Czech government). Learn more here.
Baccalaureate student in the Czech Republic. Examinations and credits. Passing practice. Diplomas and licenses of the Czech Republic. State baccalaureate diploma.
Polish language courses in Czech Technical University. Konrad Belka University in Vilnius. Teaching is only in Polish. Polish courses cost from 1120 euro per year (for 10 years of studies). Teaching methods: the group consists of 10 people, one teacher in the group, group work, individual tasks and tests, the course subject is constantly changing, there is also the possibility of distance learning.
English course at Vilnius Technical University. The English course in English consists of 4 levels. The level can be chosen independently. There are discounts available. The school exists since 1999.
Higher education. Higher technical education in Russia. MBA, a program for managers, training programs for managers, for business, for professionals. Courses, seminars, trainings.
Graduate in psychology, assistant professor. Training at the RIBS.
Vacancies in education, specialties. Graduate school, higher education, higher
University exchange programs in Lithuania in the following areas: business management, hotel business, economics and sociology, psychology, sociology and politics. Discount for students from Belarus and Ukraine (with reservation). English courses. Educational Center
High School of Plastic Surgery – specialization: Plastic Surgery. Apparatus cosmetology. Education and consultations on plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. There is currently an 8-year school of plastic and cosmetic surgery as part of the clinic.

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