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9 Common Mistakes To Avoid During The Winter Months

Driving is a skill that is best developed and perfected with practice. Most drivers tend to be nervous during their first months of driving, but eventually, they become more comfortable with the wheel. As many drivers know, just because your skills have improved doesn’t mean it gets easier to drive during the winter months.

While you’re pondering on getting Intensive Driving Lessons Sheffield professionals to improve your skills, we listed common mistakes to avoid to ensure your safety on the cold winter roads:

1 – Driving In Bad Weather Conditions

A very crucial and serious mistake drivers make is taking on the road when the forecast clearly says the weather is bad. Winter is very unpredictable if the forecast says it’s too dangerous to drive, don’t take it as a challenge.

2 – Not Having An Emergency Kit

A vehicle should have an emergency kit all year round, but this is especially important during winter. Packing extra gloves, torches with spare batteries, water, snacks, a blanket, and a first aid kit is a must for the emergency kit.

3 – Not Checking The Gas

No matter how many times you’ve gone on the same route, checking on the gas level is a must. Ensure that the tank is at least half full before leaving so you don’t run out in the middle of the drive.

4 – Forgetting To Bring A Shovel

Although technically part of an emergency kit, a shovel should be mentioned separately. Getting stuck in the show without a shovel is very dangerous which is why it is a must to have one in the car at all times during winter.

5 – Driving Fast

Snow and ice will make the roads extra slippery which means it is harder to control the vehicle. It is best to drive below the speed limit during the winter to ensure you have full control over the car at all times. It also helps to enroll in intensive driving lessons Sheffield to master driving on icy roads in a safe environment.

6 – Forgetting To Replace Old Tyres

As mentioned before, icy roads are dangerous and slippery, all the more so when the tyre treads are worn out. Make sure to schedule a replacement before the snow starts to fall to ensure the wheels have proper and strong traction.

7 – Indulging During Holiday Parties

Driving while intoxicated is illegal. However, it is even more important to stay fully sober when driving during winter. The driver’s reaction time can be affected by just two bottles of beer and this can result in a serious car accident. Always have a sober designated driver if you are planning to indulge in holiday cheer.

8 – Failing To Clear Snow Off The Car

Snow covering part of the windows or the windshield impairs vision which is why it is a must to take your time to clear all the snow that has settled on the vehicle while it was parked.

9 – Slamming On The Breaks

Stepping hard on the breaks and overcorrecting is a knee jerk reaction when the car starts to skid. Doing this will only lead to more trouble as the car can spin out of control. Instead, lightly step on the breaks and avoid steering the wheel too hard until the car comes to a complete stop.

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