How To Fix Personal Macro Workbook Not Opening Issue?

Does your Personal Macro workbook deny getting open and thus you are curiously looking for some fixes to resolve this issue?

Don’t go anywhere, as this post contains every pinch of detail regarding personal macro workbook not opening issue. Apart from that, you will also acquire knowledge on how to use Macros in the Personal Macro Workbook.

What Is A Personal Macro Workbook?

In Excel a Personal Macro Workbook (.xlsb) hidden workbook that automatically gets open each time when Excel application is opened.

In Excel 2007 – 2019 application, this personal Macro Workbook is also termed as “Personal.xlsb” whereas in the earlier version it is popularly known as “Personal.xls”.

Besides having the macros, this personal macro workbook also keeps the user-defined functions that are written within the VBA.

This personal macro workbook is the best option for saving up such macros which you need to use very frequently.

Why Should I have a Personal Macro Workbook?

We all know that when you make or just record any macro in excel, it can only be accessed from that specific Excel workbook. But do you know you can apply this same macro in some other Excel files also just by saving these macro VBA codes on the personal macro workbook?

After that, you easily access your macro from any of your workbooks.

Don’t you think it’s a time-saving option because you need not make the same macro every time for your entire Excel workbook?

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Where Can I Find the Personal Macro Workbook?

Location, where the Personal Macro Workbook Personal.xlsb stored, is within the XLSTART folder:

In Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 10:

C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

In Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\


  • By default, this AppData folder is in a hidden state. So, for fetching it go to the XLSTART folder within Windows Explorer. Now go to the view tab after then make a check within the Hidden items.
  • If you are unable to fetch this XLSTART folder then this means till now your Personal Macro Workbook Personal.xlsb file is not created.

How To Use Macros Stored In Personal Macro Workbook?

If you want to use a list of macros on your new Excel files which gets saved within the Personal Macro workbook. For this, just try the following steps:

  1. From your Excel ribbon just hit the Developer tab.
  2. Tap the Macros icon.
  3. In the Macro dialog box, tap on the macro which you need to execute.
  4. Hit the Run option.

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How To Fix Personal Macro Workbook Not Opening Issues?

Though this Excel issue comes in different circumstances so go through the fixes as per your situation.

If your personal.xlsb file is facing such Personal.xls File Not Opening issue. In that case, chances are very high that the directory within which this Personal Workbook is saved Excel considering it like untrusted one.

By default, your Workbook is been created within the directory like this:


The actual directory is a bit different from the version of Windows or Excel file you are using. Well, this directory is counted as a trusted one by the storehouse of the “OK to load” workbook.

If it fails to find it as the trusted one then excel will fails to load anything.

For fixing up this Personal.xls File Not Opening issue it’s very important for you to check whether the directory is a trusted one or not. With the following steps, you can easily check this out.

  1. At first, open the excel file and tap the following option file>options from the menu bar.
  2. From the opened window left sidebar hit the Trust Center option.
  3. Tap the Trust Center Settings button. This will open the dialog box of Trust Center.
  4. From the opened window of trust center choose the Trusted Locations tab.

Now check all the directories present as here only you will get your Personal macro workbook. If you fail to find it, then add it by using the controls in the dialog box.

Do try all the listed solutions to fix Personal Macro workbook not opening issue and don’t forget to share your opinion.

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