Copywriting Master Class 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Closing A Sale

Regardless of if you are writing a space ad, a lead generating postcard, a landing page, sales letter you are making a sale. In order to get the desired response you still need to close them. You’ve done a great job getting them to read through the promotion, they like what you’ve said it is believable, they want those benefits.
Then all of a sudden part of their brain that has been disengaged rears its ugly head and starts coming up with reasons why they shouldn’t take action. Although I will talk about this in terms of buying these mistakes is also the reason they don’t responds to lead generating ads too.
They want to know:
Are There Any Risks To Buying?
There is risk to doing anything. Crossing the street is risky, going to the toilet is risky for some people. Even something as simple as entering their details into your website also carries risk. Sending in a coupon carries risk.
You need to settle down all those fears otherwise the little voice in their head is going to tell them best not to do it.
Is Buying Convenient?
Look people are lazy if ordering sounds like it is too hard then I can guarantee you that they will not buy. Most people don’t enjoy figuring out what to do, so don’t be cryptic about the next steps. And make it seem that buying is easier than shooting barrel shaped fish in a barrel.
If buying isn’t convenient and easy to do then I can assure you that responding will go in the too hard basket.
Finally they need to know why act now?
In in-home sales every salesman will tell you that if you don’t get the order on the night then you are probably never going to get it.
The motto of “never put off ’til tomorrow what you can avoid doing all together” applies to prospects responding to your promotion. So give them every incentive to not put it in their later pile. They have just read your entire promotion and feel good about buying. The deal isn’t closed until the order form is filled out and sent back to you.
When you are able to convince your potential customers that the risks of taking action are minimal, that it is simple and easy for them to buy and you give them a reason to take action right now. Your copy will produce a much stronger response.

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