Utilize the Alchemy Network Inventory capabilities to register network devices details of your LAN.

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  • Novembre 30, 2009

Utilize the Alchemy Network Inventory capabilities to register the network devices details of your Local Area Network, including hardware and software characteristics for each computer. Maintaining such information will certainly prove useful to your network support and administration tasks.

Core capabilities include:
* Recording the hardware characteristics of your network computers in detail, including information such as memory, processor, motherboard, hard drive, video cards, etc.
* Recording detailed software characteristics of computers located in your network, including information such as OS, scheduled jobs, start-up programs, share selections and installed software.
* Recording network components such as routers and switches.
* Recording network peripherals such as printers and plotters.
* Exporting inventory info to a variety of common formats such as ODBC databases (Oracle, MSSQL, MSAccess etc), text files (ASCII, CSV etc), spreadsheets and others.
* Using built-in reports or even allowing for creating detailed custom ones for your inventory, including the selection of required info and charts to be included.
* Unwanted software can be specified and located in the network to better manage and apply company policies.
* Powerful wizard to help you get started with your inventory, allowing selection of options such as specifying IP range to scan, searching for network devices in addition to PCs, saving scan selections for re-use etc.
* In addition to computers located in a domain or workgroup in your local area network, computers outside the network or with no network connection what-so-ever can be catalogued and added to your database. This is achieved by installing and running the inventory application locally to them and then importing the created report to your main installation.
* Computers can be identified in a variety of ways, including their host name, IP, even their physical MAC address.
* No client versions are required to be installed on the separate computers; a single installation on your own computer is quite enough, allowing for scanning the entire local area network in under half an hour, providing you with a comprehensive report for every computer.
* Major Windows versions are supported for the Alchemy Network Inventory installation, such as personal editions (Windows 95 up to and including Windows Vista) and server editions (Windows Server 2000 to 2003).

The network administrator can much more easily locate precise information regarding the PC hardware and software details of a user requiring support on an issue, allowing for a faster and more successful response. Upgrades can be planned more effectively, minimizing random compatibility issues and unnecessary expends on equipment and software. Not only that, but since resources are better catalogued and known, their re-allocation to more important tasks becomes a more feasible option.

The Alchemy Network Inventory is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes, while can easily be downloaded from the M.I.S. Helpers website at this link:
Being very small in size (just a few MBs), it can be downloaded and trialled in just minutes; the trial version is fully functional, allowing for creating an inventory for up to 3 network computers. Actually buying a license starts as low as $99, while the exact price depends on the number of computers hosted in your LAN. New versions then become freely available, without any limit imposed, while technical support is free as well. For any questions, an online contact form is readily available at the website, or you can directly send us an email at the address [email protected]

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