Debug Hardware Devices and Drivers with Device Monitor Software

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  • October 28, 2011

If you are a hardware or software developer or you program drivers for various types of devices, you will no doubt want to make sure that your projects are as bug-free and well optimized as possible before they hit the market. Any developer who takes pride in his work will appreciate the usefulness of having a device monitor tool at their disposal. A device monitor program will monitor and analyze all data sent along various connections between the computer and other computers and devices. This makes it suitable for debugging software, hardware and drivers, allowing the developer to see everything which is being communicated between the devices. This data can then be analyzed and searched for any issues. Device Monitoring Studio is one such solution, a device monitor which monitors, logs and analyzes all data being sent and received through computer connections and ports.

HHD Software prides itself on making some of the very best and fully-featured reliable hardware monitoring solutions out there. Device Monitoring Studio combines the features of HHD Software’s other programs such as USB Monitor and Serial Monitor into one handy package and much more. It allows you to monitor virtually any type of hardware attached to the computer, as well as the entire network too. Device Monitoring Studio boasts a wide selection of tools which you can use to thoroughly debug your software and get your projects released sooner. It’s reliable and user-friendly set of tools can be used for analyzing everything that’s going on inside your computer as well as any device connected to it.

Device Monitoring Studio allows you to delve deeply into the data which is sent and received from your computer, allowing you to see all of the inner workings of your hardware’s device drivers and any other software associated with them. This is what makes Device Monitoring Studio so suitable for developing or debugging hardware and software products. However, a device monitor is not necessarily just a tool that is of use to developers. It’s also ideal for network administrators, IT security experts and other technical personnel. Its features make it ideal for security management as well as data usage control. This is because each and every connected device can have its traffic logged and later analyzed without restrictions.

Device Monitoring Studio boasts some impressive features that set it apart from many other similar solutions. The excellent performance as well as real-time data monitoring make it ideal general protocol analyzer. For any data traffic investigations on your computer or network, Device Monitoring Studio is simply the answer that you have been looking for. Device Monitoring Studio is entirely software; there is no requirement for any additional hardware in order for the program to do its job.

You can learn more about Device Monitoring Studio over at . There’s also a trial version which you can download here. As for purchasing the program, you have four different versions to choose from. The cheapest is the ‘Lite’ version after which you have the ‘Standard,’ ‘Professional,’ and ‘Ultimate.’

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