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Iolo presents System Mechanic Professional, a powerful utility for maximizing the performance and reliability potential of any computer. With this user-friendly tool at your disposal, you’ll be able to restore and improve your computer’s performance, security and reliability without having to know anything about the inner workings of your hardware and software. Designed with maximum ease of use in mind, it is built to handle regular maintenance and tweaking tasks to ensure that your computer always performs at its best ability. However, System Mechanic Professional is far more than just another PC tune-up utility. It also helps to safeguard your precious data against various security threats thanks to its included antivirus and anti-hacking measures. An all-in-one solution, it provides many useful utilities so that you don’t need to suffer the inconvenience of using multiple tools at once to handle different tasks.

Guard Against Data Corruption

When data on your computer becomes corrupted, it can leave you with an unworkable operating system or loss of important files. This can occur for a multitude of different reasons, such as by shutting down the computer improperly or having a power or hardware failure. Sometimes, something as simple as a faulty driver installation or software update can leave you in quite a mess! However, System Mechanic Professional includes a core data recalibrator designed to fix system stability issues caused by such data corruption. In doing so, the program will automatically detect and repair any faults that it finds so that you may continue using your PC without further incidence.

Keep Safe from Online Threats and More

The threat of malicious software or hacking attempts is a sad fact of modern life, but System Mechanic Professional helps to minimize the risk of damage to your computer and unwanted access to your private data. The suite provides a stability guard and system shield function that provides real-time protection against a multitude of potential security threats. It will be constantly on the lookout for rogue programs or potentially malicious pieces of code and eliminate them before they have a chance to do any damage to your computer. It targets the root cause of problems such as apparently random system restarts and crashes to make sure that you are always left with a functional and safe computer. The System Shield function provides complete protection by way of a triple-certified tool designed to quickly neutralize zero-day threats as soon as they become known.

Automated Task Scheduling

System Mechanic Professional requires minimal user interaction once you have installed it. The include ActiveCare feature takes care of your computer’s performance, maintenance and security while requiring minimal user interaction. It optimized the contents of your hard disk all by itself as well as improves memory performance and reduce startup and log-in times. It even improves Internet performance thanks to the powerful NetBooster tool. Another useful feature is the CRUDD Remover, which is designed to quickly get rid of bloatware and other junk software that tends to come preinstalled on many new laptop, desktop and tablet PCs.

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