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Keeping your computer running at peak performance can seem like an impossible challenge at times, not least because any computer tends to slow down and develop problems after a few months of use. While professionals and enthusiasts might undertake major tasks such as completely reinstalling Windows, the average user simply doesn’t have the time or the knowledge to get everything just right. Additionally, there is always the risk of human error, and issues that can lead to system instability, major drops in performance or potential security threats are commonplace. In order to keep your computer running to its fullest potential, in terms of performance, security and stability, opting for third-party tune-up software often presents the perfect solution to the problem.

Introducing System Mechanic Free

System Mechanic Free is the free counterpart to the highly popular and successful System Mechanic Pro software suite. This free version still provides a wealth of useful features to help keep your PC running at peak performance with excellent stability at all times. As an advanced PC tune-up utility, it provides powerful repair and maintenance features in the form of user-friendly, efficient tools. This free edition of the program provides a total of seven highly effective tools which use patented technology to ensure optimal system performance at all times. It fixes errors in your system registry, defragments your hard drive, cleans junk files from your computer, improves Internet download speeds, boosts Windows performance and helps to ensure maximum stability while requiring minimal interaction from the user.

Registry Tuner

The system registry is a vast database containing important information about your computer’s hardware and operating system as well as all of the programs and features installed on it. At the same time, the system registry is also where a lot of problems can develop, and this is where the Registry Tuner feature comes in to diagnose the root cause of system crashes and other performance- or stability-related issues.

Optimization Tools

The Startup Optimizer tool is a facility for significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to reach a workable desktop from turning on your PC. It frees up resources and exposes any bottlenecks to supercharge your computer and improve overall performance. Another tool is the Memory Mechanic, which reclaims space in your RAM which goes missing due to memory leaks caused by some programs for an immediate boost in performance and stability. It will also defragment the system RAM for improved performance in programs, downloads and games. You’ll also have access to the Drive Accelerator tool for accelerating loading times and overall system speed by properly and efficiently defragmenting your computer.

New Feature – PowerSense

System Mechanic Free includes a highly sought-after new feature called PowerSense. This innovative tool dynamically modifies your computer’s power settings in real-time depending on what you are using the computer for to reduce power consumption and overheating. You can swap between two different modes as well, including Ultra Performance Mode for gaming and other hardware-intensive tasks or Endurance Mode for laptop computers where maximum battery life is often a concern.

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