The Importance of a PPC campaign in the Canadian Market

PPC ,or pay-per-click advertisement, is a part and parcel of paid search advertising. Companies around the world use PPC campaigns in conjunction with SEO or Search Engine Optimization campaigns, to target prospective customers using search engines. This is done to answer customer queries when they are seeking information about a certain product or related products. (Information credit:
PPC plays an important part in shaping modern digital marketing campaigns and drives them towards success. This is increasingly important for a vast market such as the Canadian market where cut-throat competition is present. Although PPC campaigns in general have to deal with challenges like business development, generation of new leads, etc., the challenges faced by them in the Canadian markets are a bit different. Major cities like Toronto have an almost saturated market, filled with businesses of all scales and sizes. Thus it gets a bit difficult to stand out, especially if it’s a small scale business. The major challenges faced by PPC campaigners in the Canadian market are,

  • Keeping up with the cut-throat competition
  • Business development and expansion in an almost saturated marketing environment
  • Growth of customer base

Benefits of PPC campaigns

In major cities like Toronto, marketers deal with a saturated marketing environment which makes it difficult for them to gain an upper hand. Typically, PPC management services in Toronto use tools like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads or Twitter promotions to get their message across. As the market in major cities of Canada differs from other markets, PPC campaigns provide some exclusive benefits to a company’s digital marketing campaign.
1. Cost-effectiveness: PPC campaigns can measure a range of variables, from the number of clicks, number of website visitors and conversions. All these provide concrete data for campaigners to get a clearer picture of the environment. Many people consider PPC campaigns as budget draining. But PPC campaigns have a higher rate of success and returns on investment than using other means. It allows campaigners to have a direct control over their budget so they can allocate funds accordingly. PPC campaigns with lower CPC costs are optimized to achieve more with a much lower budget.
2. Great for local SEO optimization: Both PPC and SEO campaigns use geo-targeting methods to attract more customers. Dynamic search ad campaigns can be used to find out the best suitable keywords for the website. PPC is used to test the effectiveness of different keywords so that you can make more informed decisions in your SEO campaign. Since both PPC and SEO campaigns use geo-targeting, it is extremely helpful to drive customers to the physical stores or get calls from customers regarding product queries.
3. Measurable Results: PPC campaigns can help a company gauge the volume of sales or website conversions in simple measurable units. By measuring results from PPC campaigns using Google Adwords, campaigners can determine the success of their campaign in real time. Campaigners can measure which products are selling more and which aspects of their website needs improving. Decisions are then made by the management to optimize the website to generate more revenue from future sales.
4. Targeted Visitors: PPC campaigns go hand in hand with SEO campaigns when acquiring targeted visitors. But an SEO campaign can take a substantial amount of time to work, as it relies on organic search results. Through PPC campaigns, marketers can better target individuals based on their preferences and personal taste. For example, in Facebook Ads, marketers can define the target audience by using the demographic characteristics available. Thus, PPC can deliver instant results, while it may take a few months for an SEO campaign to be successful.
Reasons to choose PPC

PPC campaigns are extensively used by campaigners these days, as it is suitable for any scale of business. Start-up companies can use PPC campaigns to get noticed instantly and drive customers towards them. For a start-up to be successful, spreading brand awareness and customer engagement is more important than increasing the volume of sales, and PPC does just that. For medium or large scale organizations, PPC campaigns are a way to expand their customer base, as they have access to previously unexplored markets.
PPC marketing campaigns are still an important and effective digital marketing solution. Business owners and campaigners around the globe use it to manage costs, track conversions and determine the actual return on investment. Among all the marketing tactics, the cost per conversion is more valuable when a PPC campaign is used. Other advantages like real-time data reports, accurate campaign results can be tracked extensively, allowing for modifications in ongoing processes. Thus, it has become an indispensible part of any modern marketing campaign.

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