5 Ways to Look Your Best This New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a great excuse to dress your best and celebrate!

It’s the one time a year when we can truly go all out with our look, and live it up! This season it’s easy to find something to wear, with all the metallic, quilted, leather and faux fur items being so popular right now! But how do you wear them and look your best this New Year’s Eve? Spartoo has the advice you need!

5 Tips To Look Your Best This New Year’s Eve !:

  • Wear something shiny! Metallic fashion and glitter is trendy right now, and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to wear it! A gold dress, sequined leggings, sparkly shoes, or metallic accessories will show your passion for celebrating! But don’t overdo it—one main item is enough, or use accessories to dress up a neutral dress or outfit.
  • Be bold! Don’t be shy with your look this year! Use this moment to wear daring colours with your makeup, try a new hairstyle, or wear some sexy high heels. This is the one time a year when you can’t be overdressed, so why not have fun with it!
  • Think sexy and sophisticated! While it’s perfectly fine to go all out for New Year’s Eve, we must remember that it isn’t Halloween. The look you want is dramatic, but not drama queen. Sexy and sophisticated can be achieved by wearing classic pieces in trendy colours and cuts. Formal attire is a safe bet, with some fun details mixed in.
  • Be sensible! In a cold winter climate, it’s not always easy to be elegant. But part of being elegant includes being sensible! Don’t forget to factor in your own warmth, by choosing insulated tights, leather pieces, and maybe a faux fur coat or jacket to cover your arms. If you can, choose a dress that has long sleeves, or even a pair of trousers!
  • Smile! The most important element to looking your best in any outfit is FEELING your best! Having plenty of fun and flashing your beautiful smile is a guaranteed way to make others notice you, like you, and have fun with you!

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