shri hanuman chalisa – Jai Hanuman

Hanuman, the monkey Lord is considered as Chiranjeevi (will live eternally). He is resilient and strong, together with valour, with many different techniques and strenght. As well , he is thoughtful, a brilliant gyani, a yogi, a brahmachari. He had the one think only – a serving his Lord Rama with highest humility and loyalty. He is frequently known as Siriya Thiruvadi. He is believed to be an amsam of Lord Siva.He is praised in the temples as Bhaktha Hanuman & Veera Hanuman. He is observed kneeling humbly next to Rama vigrahmas in the Rama sannadhis. You will find as well as separate temples for Hanuman. Since Bhaktha Hanuman he is seen possessing both hands jointly in prayer. He is viewed as Veera Hanuman, having the mace in one hand & the sanjeevi Parvatham in the other. Devotees are blessed with courage, valour, wisdom, gnanam. He is truly impressed when ever he hears the Rama namam. So , continuing the Raama namam is definitely the most desirable tactic getting his blessings. Hanuman or alternatively Anjaneya is definitely the son of Anjana Devi. She used to be a celestial maiden & came into this world as a monkey-woman resultantly of a curse. She had living contentedly with her husband Kesari. When king Dasaratha performed a yagna praying intended for off-springs, having been yielded a cup of payasam (sweet milk/kheer/pudding) coming from the yaga fireplace. His wives shared the prasada & thus Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha & Shatrugna were born. A part of such a payasam was taken through God of winds – Vayu Deva & fell in the hands of Anjana Devi and so she gave birth to the awesome & healthy son. Since Vayu Deva was very important for the payasam reaching Anjana, he is also known to be the father of Hanuman. (Vayu Puthran Hanuman). He matured as being a resilient & mischievous teenage guy. He could certainly travel around as fast as the wind. He mistook the sparkling sun being a fruit & in to the upto the stars & reached to get the sun. Lord Indra was irritated & strcuk Keshri Nandan by his thunderbolt (Vajraayudham). Vaayu Deva was stressed that his son was hit & he discontinued blowing. The entire world was struggling with no winds. Every Gods given wide variety of useful boons to Anjaneya, as a result making him extreme & invincble than before. Vayu Bhagavan was delighted & started off his work again.He acted as a severe role in the occurrences in Ramayana, the incredibly good epic. So when Rama was restricted from his empire Ayodhya by his mother Kaikeyi, he came to the jungles together with wife Sita & borther Lakshmana. Sugreeva together with his army & Hanuman was in hiding from his brother Vaali. Hanuman met up with Rama & afterwards was with the Rama forever. After Sita Devi was kidnapped by Ravana, the demon king, he travelled throughout the oceans & have found Sita Devi in the Ashoka vanam in Lanka. He helped Rama in traversing the sea by setting up the sethu bridge by using his vanara friends. During the war he flew to take the Sanjeevi mountain, heaped with healing herbs to bring back Lakshmana who had fallen.

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