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The Trouble With Business Opportunities
Always ask these two questions when considering any business opportunity:
1. If I lose this money/time will it hurt me?
If the answer is ‘yes’, and the cost of trying is much too great, then forget it! I really mean this. Don’t ever go for broke. Sure you can gamble a bit. Nobody got anywhere in their lives by playing it safe all the time. If the answer is ‘no’, then buckle down, roll your sleeves up, give it your very best shot and go for it. Most people only regret the things they haven’t done, not the things they have done.
2. Will I be competing with thousands of other people selling the same thing?
If the answer to this question is ‘yes’, then don’t expect to make much money at it. Of course you can try it out, to get a bit of experience behind you but don’t get too excited. And don’t give up your day job for any business opportunity until you have proved it works first. If you are not competing with every one and their mother like with a unique niche newsletter then go for it. All that get rich quick rubbish is only good for gathering ideas, not for making money.
“It’s Up To You How Well You Do”
At this point, I would like to say that I accept no responsibility for your success or failure. If you were to share your profits with me then maybe! But you’re not and I am not responsible for your cock-ups. Think of a Newsletter Course the same as you would a university or college course. You are not guaranteed a career at then end of it but you are guaranteed the life long skill. Once you have this skill, it’s yours forever and no-one can take it away. You then have to be patient with things as your skill develops and you begin to put your practical knowledge to the test. Patience is definitely part of the success process. If you’re not patient with yourself, you will grow anxious and your creativity will be cramped. It’s a vicious circle.
So to summarise my point…
Money will not drop from the sky the minute you finish any course
I hope this is a big relief to you. I hope you would be suspicious of me if I said that you would cash in big time when you finish mu course or indeed any course. it would be. However, I sincerely want you to succeed anything you do including any course you buy. Stick with any course all the way to the end. If you still think that you can’t easily make at the very least a comfortable income, you should find a course where get all your money back. I really want you to get to the end of any course you do before you make a decision to quit. That way I’ll know that you gave it your best shot and maybe it just wasn’t the right business for you.
End of sermon…

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