Do Bullet Points Help Your Sales Page When Promoting Work From Home Opportunities

When writing your sales page for work at home opportunities, bullets are very important. Using good formatting and placement for bullet points makes your website easier to read, gives it a better flow and a better look. These are some strategies that will help you to maximize your use of bullets and make your sales page more effective.
* Help your reader to connect the key points. Many people on the internet skim rather than read. You want to show these people why your offer benefits them. Your opportunity may help them make more money, enjoy more time freedom or become a better person. By drafting well-positioned bullet points you answer the question in the mind of your prospect, ?What is in it for me?? Answering that question will produce a better response.
Say you are marketing work from home opportunities that are internet based, you can show them that by getting involved they will be able to generate an income from anywhere in the world using only a computer and internet connection. You need to clearly communicate the benefits of your program.
* Never promote two separate opportunities at the same time, such as a weight loss opportunity and a personal development opportunity. This confuses most readers and will result in poor responses. Your only goal is simply to get the person to become a lead so you can follow up later.
* The key to writing good bullets if you are using a squeeze page is they should get someone to give you their name and email address so you can follow up with them. The fortune is in the follow up and if you can capture that information instead of trying to make the sale immediately you will be better off. People do not normally join business opportunities on the first exposure.
* Keep in mind that a confused mind does nothing and that is the last thing that you want. You should avoid promoting more than one program on your main website. Focus strictly on getting the opt-in or getting the sale depending on how your website is set up.
* When promoting work from home opportunities people are mainly interested in the specifics, not general information. You do not have to explain every single aspect about your opportunity, but you do need to give them enough information to make an informed decision
* Your bullet points should convert the prospect into a lead.
* One of the best tips I give when working with my clients is to help them to generate curiosity in the minds of their prospects. For example, if you are promoting a business opportunity that is experiencing rapid growth, you can say something to the effect of, ?Discover the hottest business opportunity that is currently growing XX% just over the last six months.? What you are doing here is you are building curiosity and you are piquing interest in the mind of the prospect. Now they are going to want to know what business opportunity you are promoting.

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