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Do you want to make money online easily? If yes, then this article is right for you. I will teach you how to make $20 an hour just by writing quality articles. So, how good is your writing skill?
Most people today say that if you are good in speech, you are a screw-up in writing and vice-versa. This is not true unless you do not always pay attention to your teachers during your speech or writing lessons in school. Well, I did not write this article to know your abilities in both areas. I wrote this to help you make money by writing quality articles particularly. So, let us just assume that you are really a screw up-in writing.
Before you start writing an article, there are a number of things that you need to consider, first, like your audience or readers. Actually, whether they are out of school people or degree holders, you should deliver your articles in a formal and serious manner. Do not try to write to one person only or that is solely addressed to a particular personality. As experts clearly state: “A speech that provokes all the listeners is very well-written.” You see-a good speaker is a good writer too!
Another thing to consider first in writing quality articles is the topic. Choose a topic that is very in-demand. Basically, a particular problem to solve is a good topic. But try not to write an article solving a problem that has more likely been solved by many people. However, if you can make a solution from a different perspective, go ahead. The point is that you will come up with an article that is still in-demand.
Once you establish your objectives, it is time to compose your article. In writing quality articles, it is not important how many ideas or thoughts you can cover, but it is how you can present and organize even a single idea or thought in such fashion that is very clear and understandable. Well, there is a simple technique in writing quality articles. Believe it or not, once this technique becomes your system your articles will write themselves. Here are the basic guidelines that I use to write quality articles.
1. Title
The title of your article must be unique and catchy. It should completely grab the attention of your readers. Otherwise, they will not be interested to read your article.
2. Opening
Like your title, your opening of your article must be compelling too. Do not try to create an opening that does not immediately give your readers an idea what your article is all about.
3. Body
Whatever you are writing, the body of your article is the most important. A good body consists of many paragraphs, but if you can present and organize all of your ideas and thoughts in just two or three paragraphs, it is okay. There is no limit-you can write as many paragraphs as you want.
4. Closing
Basically, the last paragraph of your article is your closing. To create a good closing, you should make a solid and fair conclusion or decision regarding your topic. If your article aims to solve a particular problem, your closing must spur your readers to take actions immediately.
5. Resource
Resources are essential if you are really into writing quality articles. They will help become more popular in the writing industry. You just need to make sure that you have reliable resources to help your readers become more informed and assured.
Now that you know the basic guidelines in writing quality articles, the only thing left is to start writing. Like any other skill around, the more you write the easier writing gets. So practice always and you will realize in time that writing quality article is the easiest way to make money online.

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