Use a Set of Delphi Skin Components to Enhance Your Applications

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  • July 12, 2010

VGScene is a complete set of graphical skinning components allowing developers to create skins for their applications. A Delphi skin application, VGScene also supports integration with C++ Builder and Lazarus as well as Delphi. These components help to speed up the graphical design of your applications, offering developers and extensive set of controls that are fast and easy to use. For Delphi WPF, VGScene provides the development tools that you need, complete with a powerful skinning engine that works at maximum performance. The graphical editor is feature packed and integrated in IDE. It supports many different types of graphical objects, allows you to make animations and includes a number of other advanced controls.

VGScene deploys a particularly powerful vector engine which shares certain similarities to those used in Adobe Flash or Microsoft WPF. Graphics look particularly smooth as they are all anti-aliased in real time. In addition, they are completely independent of resolution as is the case in any vector graphics. Alpha blending is supported as well, along with certain filling and gradient options. The components of VGScene provide a WYSIWYG editor which is intuitive and user-friendly. The GUI engine provided allows developers to skin virtually every part of their applications from text boxes to buttons to windows and much more. The software also includes various primitives and built-in brushes to help you save time.

VGScene also includes support for iPhone applications, allowing you to develop VGScene applications within Windows and then compile them straight onto an iPhone. In addition, the latest version of the components package also includes a number of advanced internationalization features. With full Unicode support and a user-friendly translation editor, your applications can change language on the fly. The skinning engine of VGScene allows you to apply your styles to any controls easily and various styles are already included in the package to help you get started with customizing your applications.

VScene uses a very efficient graphics rendering engine. This is fast and accurate, providing developers with the highest quality results. The 2D GUI engine is anti-aliased in real time and image processing is quicker than ever. The fact that it is also resolution independent means that the results will always look their best regardless of the screen resolution used or the window size. The software also supports a number of bitmap effect including blurring effects and drop shadows. These will be rendered in software mode, however.

Including a set of built-in controls, VGScene provides all of the features that developers need to effectively skin their applications. Layered transparent windows are just another of the many different features supported. The built-in visual style designer also helps you to create and work with styles quickly and easily. These layouts are presented in an intuitive manner with child elements arranged by the their parent elements. VGScene is also particularly versatile as it supports reading and writing into popular formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG and GIF. VGScene is a great solution for development tools for SCADA, KIOSK, CAD or GIS.

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