Digital Picture Recovery in a Few Clicks

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  • August 21, 2009

Erased a digital photo by an accident? Lost the entire photo album of your travel to Amazonia? Formatted a memory card full of digital photos? Do not despair! Your precious digital photos are not lost yet. The digital pictures can still be restored if you act in a right way – and soon.

One thing you can do wrong is attempting general-use ‘unerase’ or ‘data recovery’ products on your hard drive or memory card. While they do, in general, recover erased files and lost data, they are commonly unable to find any digital photos on formatted or damaged disks and memory cards. It’s not because they are images, of course, but simply due to the fact that these general-use unerase utilities strongly rely on the file system of said disk or memory card to point them to the location of a digital photo. But what if the file system is damaged or is not accessible? This happens every time a memory card gets formatted or becomes damaged. In such cases, generic unerase tools will not help you a bit; they can only mess things up, making it even more complicated to recover your digital photos in the future by using an appropriate digital photo recovery product.

An ‘appropriate’ digital photo recovery product? They do exist on the market. Developed to search specifically for data that appears to be digital photos in a variety of formats (JPEG, CR2, or your favorite format you use to shoot your photos), these products attempt to scan the entire surface of a hard drive, or read the entire memory card in order to reliably detect, locate, and recover as many digital photos as possible. If you use an appropriate digital photo recovery application, you’ll be surprised when it finds digital photos you took several sessions ago!

Magic Photo Recovery by East Imperial Soft ( ) does just that: scanning the entire disk or reading the whole memory card to recover every single digital photo from it. For Magic Photo Recovery, it does not matter whether the disk or memory card are healthy or inaccessible, formatted or corrupted. The digital photo recovery tool simply restores digital photos no matter what.

Produced in XXI century, Magic Photo Recovery is as easy to use as you would expect from a state of the art commercial product. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to access, preview, and recover digital photos from any supported media.

Magic Photo Recovery is here to help new and pro photographers by offering support for all common and exotic digital photo formats out there. JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, and BMP are just a few to name. Magic Photo Recovery helps pro photographers by fully supporting RAW formats such as Canon CR2, Pentax PEF, Nikon NEF, and universal DNG format just to name a few. In addition, Magic Photo Recovery can recover lost digital photos by connecting to a digital camera directly via a USB cord. The digital photo recovery product directly supports many point-and-shoot and digital SLR cameras manufactured by Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Casio, Kodak, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Samsung, and so on.

Magic Photo Recovery does wonders when restoring digital photos from corrupted memory cards. No digital camera or memory card should be sold without it! Download your free evaluation version from

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