Top 10 Landing Page Copywriting Tips

It could be argued that every page on a website is a landing page these days. But for the purposes of this article, I’m going to focus on the long type of sales pages you’ll find for selling eBooks, online courses and other digital products.
Writing a high converting sales page is one of the most challenging tasks for copywriters because your success is directly linked to the number of people that buy or take action. But whether you’re a freelance copywriter, internet marketer or small business owner, these landing page copywriting tips should help send your conversion rate in the right direction:
1. Spend time on the headline- Your headline should immediately communicate a benefit and is the most important element of your sales letter. It must give people a reason to read further, such as ‘Discover how you can improve your soccer team’s cohesion, performance and goal scoring record with these proven soccer drills taught by the world’s leading coaches’. It’s worth testing different headlines once your landing page is live because a strong headline can dramatically improve your website conversion rate.
2. Use the AIDA structure- AIDA has been used by copywriters for generations to structure sales letters, brochures and all manner of copywriting. It stands for:
Attention = Your headline must grab people’s attention by promising a benefit they will gain from reading further
Interest = Your copy should then discuss your reader’s problem and build empathy
Desire = Your landing page copywriting should then explain why your product is the solution to their problem
Action = Finally, you need to tell readers exactly what action they need to take to gain the benefits you promise i.e. ‘Buy Now’
3. Use power words and motivating language- Your landing page copywriting must be motivating and engaging. Always address the reader as ‘you’ and use words like ‘discover’, ‘new’ and ‘gain’ to build excitement in your offer and the benefits the reader will gain from your product.
4. Keep it focused – Your landing page copywriting should focus on presenting a clear, logical argument for why buying your product is the smart thing to do. It should give reasons why they must buy now to gain the benefits you promise and repeat the essence of your sales proposition in different ways because people will need to be told more than once before it begins to seep in and gets them mentally thinking about buying.
5. Spread calls to action throughout- People will be convinced to buy at different stages of your landing page. So make sure there is a ‘Buy Now’ button always visible no matter where they are in your sales page.
6. Build trust- Make sure you include any testimonials and supporting research to prove your product will deliver the benefits you promise. This will also build authenticity and give your product ‘social proof’ because readers will think ‘hey, if it worked for them then maybe it will work for me’.
7. Remove risk- A money back guarantee is mainstay of every landing page because it removes risk in the reader’s mind of purchasing. You might have to refund a few sales but the additional sales you’ll gain from otherwise hesitant buyers will more than cover it.
8. Write down everything and edit later- When writing your first draft don’t worry about length but focus on getting down all your key points and benefits. Your landing page shouldn’t waffle but it should be as long as it needs to be in order to convince people to buy.
9. Add a summarizing P.S. at the end- The P.S. after your signature is an opportunity to repeat your offer a final time. Tests show that the P.S. is often the second most read element after the headline, so make sure it gives people a reason to read your landing page in full.
10. Write for scanners- When first arriving on your page, visitors will normally read the headline then scroll through to get a gist of your offer before checking the price and the closing P.S. With this in mind, it’s important to make your landing page easily scannable with short digestible chunks of copy, lots of white space, benefit laden subheads and bullet points.
Writing high converting landing pages takes a lot of practice even if you’re afreelance copywriter , and requires you to get into the mind of your reader in order to understand what will motivate them to buy.
You then need to think about what you would say to them face-to-face to convince them why they should buy your product. Hopefully with these 10 landing page copywriting tips, you should now know how to go about transferring this argument into a high converting sales page.

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