Skin Engine to Distinguish Your Application

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  • August 26, 2009

Most of the development environments do have standard Windows interface, with common grey button and other solid and boring elements. Growing competition in software consumer market forces developers to distinguish their brand not only through the extension of functionality, but also through a recognizable design for their user interface.

DMSoft Technologies, software development company, offers Skincrafter skin engine that can dramatically improve the appearance of your application. It can clad your application into the elegant apparel of well-tailored skins. SkinCrafter component can be easily integrated into any project. It will take you a short piece of code to initialize the skinning engine and load skins into memory. Being available as ActiveX and.Net component, SkinCrafter becomes an excellent investment into your future.

This professional-strength “appearance-changing” software easily integrates with just about any project that supports COM technology (namely, MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, Delphi) or any .Net project (C#, VB.NET).

SkinCrafter embraces most of Windows controls, including dropdown and combo list boxes, various scroll bars, and buttons. A portfolio of tempting skins will create a unique appearance for any user interface. By just integrating SkinCrafter into your application, you tap into the endless source of professional interface designs.

Tough competition in software market makes attractive interface one of the main distinguishing features of any application. SkinCrafter makes creation of a new compelling interface fast and easy. Its collection of skins and a powerful skin engine will make any application recognizable and appealing to target groups. After a simple integration procedure you will be able to provide professionally tailored interface and originally-looking skins.

SkinCrafter v. 3.3.4 Features at a Glance:

  • – Different versions for Win32 and Microsoft .NET;
  • – Windows 7 support;
  • – Support for main programming languages including MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, C#, Borland Delphi, Borland C++, CBuilder, Windows Forms (.NET), CA Visual Objects, Rapid Euthoria;
  • – Easy seamless integration;
  • – Support for most Windows controls including scrolls, bars, list boxes, buttons, MDI applications, etc.;
  • – Alpha channel support for transparency effects;
  • – Shipped with Skin Gallery and SkinBuilder;
  • – SkinCrafter skin engine .Net x64 support;
  • – Minor bug fixed.
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