Devoted to excellence: Elite Stone presents its interpretation of the living area

Verona, June 2017 – Losing your way on an exciting voyage: that is what it feels like to enter the new Coral Black living area designed by Elite Stone, the crowning gem of the first ES Atelier collection. You are drawn toward the warm, beating heart of the home, a versatile and very luxurious room which represents a sophisticated balance of technology, materials, design and love for the tailor-made luxuries of good living.
Thanks to Coral Black, the living area of the most luxurious homes in the most beautiful parts of the world can become a bar-living area or a reception area featuring a high-impact kitchen center. The pocket doors, which can be fully opened and slide out of sight, reveal a wall with unique finishing: marine plywood with a maple veneer, integrated lighting which switches on automatically and floodlights the entire wall, complete with Miele appliances. The exterior is entirely upholstered in top grade washable leather, hand stitched with handles in black nichel-plated steel. High performance is guaranteed for the giant drawers and doors by Blum for comfortable glide that seems to almost float. It’s not a kitchen, but an area where hosts can coddle their guests in a setting that is both elegant and unique. At the center, an impressive wine cellar with double pocket doors for a sophisticated, modern lounge bar right in your home.
Elite Stone offers a choice of designer solutions which you can display and share in harmony with the esthetic refinement that speaks of love for fine design. Master craftsmanship in marble, wood, leather and metal meets unprecedented functionality. Every element, from the dimensions to the details of the finish, can be customized in every way for an interior created to suit the customer’s taste, making it a collector’s item. The passion for quality details is apparent. Materials, finish, colors: everything contributes to an elegance that never goes out of fashion, but continues to amaze day after day and garner admiration. Coral Black, with its backlighting, is a magnificent theater with a determined, assertive character, suited to the loveliest living areas everywhere in the world. Its entire content expresses absolute elegance, but the focus is the backlit paneling that enriches the room with original charm and invites your guests to spend unforgettable hours.
The contemporary, sophisticated luxury that fills the ultra-chic environment is concretely realized in the island with its illuminated sliding-top in Coral Black that opens onto a practical granite counter with Absolute Black leather finish, featuring the Gessi extractable integrated sink and Miele induction hob of the latest generation. The island, which can be opened from all sides, includes various removable containers and drawers and is complete with a dishwasher with the smart knock-to-open Miele functionality.

Beautiful and functional, practical and attractive to look at, the Coral Black living area is the perfect synthesis of values added: unprecedented ability to interact among the various elements and their function, depending on the wishes of the person who lives with it every day. It arises from an uncommon passion, in which marble has a place of honor and glows with a light of its own, in its exclusive use, natural design and in the creativity of the project.

“A unique style with a clearly defined identity” confirms Tetyana Kovalenko, CEO of Elite Stone, “that’s what we live for here. A statuary beauty outside of all the rules, a new balance between memory and technology. The Coral Black living area is the outcome of a continuous evolution of excellence. The choice of the materials and finishes is completely customizable, making it possible to create a space to measure not only in the dimensions, but also in perfect harmony with the tastes and personality of the customer who seeks the maximum at the level of both esthetics and quality. Here we tell the story of a perfect room, a dream, impossible not to love”.

Elite Stone, the unique company that, day by day since 2000, confirms its position of unquestioned leadership in luxury marble worldwide, offers sophisticated, inimitable design devoted to a select, multimillionaire clientele.

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