High-Octane Fun with Offroad Racers is one of the most extensive collections of free games that you will find anywhere on the Internet. There are games of numerous genres and there truly is something to cater for every taste, including the most demanding of gamers. Best of all, you will only find free, full games available at There are no demonstration versions or time-limited trial versions, only completely free games with all of their features enabled and absolutely no restrictions whatsoever. Casual gamers will love this especially, since it is a great opportunity to unwind with free games without having to worry about forking out big money for expensive retail games, or for upgrading your computer to be able to play them. Amongst the many games available, there are also fast-paced action and racing games including great hits such as Offroad Racers.

If you are into high-speed races and immersive action, then you will likely enjoy Offroad Racers, a free racing game in which players get to race with everything from rally cards to monster trucks, pickup trucks and buggies. Each vehicle has its own unique set of stats and as you learn to master your favorite vehicle, you will soon come to dominate the racetrack! There are four different racing modes to choose from, each one giving you the chance to become the best racer, outwitting and out-speeding your opponents. The game is played over eighteen unique stages and eventually, you will have a chance to win the entire contest, placing yourself as the best driver of offroad vehicles! However, along the way, you will experience a truly challenging and intensive struggle packed full of great action.

Players will need to keep an eye on various things as they race around dirt tracks off the main road. They will need to make sure that their engines do not overheat, otherwise they will most likely lose the battle. Players will be able to view real-time race information in order to help them eliminate their opponents. They will be able to track their locations using the in-game map and they will always be informed of the overall race time to help them improve their performance and reach checkpoints faster. Players will have the chance to set records, break existing ones and truly excel in the world of offroad, unrestricted racing. They will be able to use the information provided to help them achieve perfection.

Offroad Racers is unique in the world of racing games, since there are no roads in the game – only dirt tracks and such. There are no rules and players can enjoy the roar of engines as they hurtle through the tracks, experiencing a great adrenaline buzz as they do. The graphics are beautiful yet the game has low system requirements, running flawlessly even on the older amongst computers. The sound is also very realistic, making for a particularly memorable experience that is bound to keep you coming back for more. Head over to to learn more and download the game today.

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