Learn Copywriting – Tap Into A Massive Profit Making Market

With the advent of the internet a whole new market has evolved opening up new opportunities for the web copywriter. By taking the opportunity to learn copywriting you give yourself the chance to work as a Freelancer or you could write the copy for your own business.
Online copy writing is still based on the same ideas of all previous copy writing. You are writing a sales page with the basic idea of getting someone to take action, usually buy a product or service.
Hi, my name is Cynthia and I have spent the last 4 years writing copy for websites. I have found that by sticking with the basic principles of selling my copy has been very successful. I would like to share with you some of the techniques that have consistently worked for me.
The first place to start when you want to learn copywriting is the way a sales letter is formatted.
• Headline. If you do not get this right, no one is going to read your content. Both long and short headlines work, as long as they identify your niche market (Your potential client) and offer a benefit. Everyone is attracted to a solution for their particular problem.
• Format of the body of your letter. The body of the letter must take your reader with you; if he gets bored he is gone. To keep him interested, you need to use the word you, not me. He wants to hear how you can solve his problem better and faster than anyone else. Another proven fact is the average reader will not look at long paragraphs. In a typical sales letter keep you paragraphs very short and have plenty of white space.
• Length of copy. Some copy writers believe that because everyone is in a hurry short sales pages are the way to go. I have found that if my information is targeted to a specific market and I write about benefits they are interested in they will read every word. If you write passionately you will find you will keep their attention. The longer you have them on the page the more chance you have of building a relationship with them. That normally means more sales.
To fully understand copy writing and to learn copywriting to the level where you are writing like a pro, the website below is the best place to start.

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