Becoming An Online Freelance Writer

With the growth of the internet, more website and blog owners require fresh content on a regular basis. The majority of that content is writing in some form or another. As the internet becomes more ingrained into everyday life, people who have never written professionally before suddenly discover that they have a knack for it. Some even decide to pursue a writing career full-time. Knowing what you’re getting into would benefit you a great deal, but if money is your main reason for becoming a writer, you should reconsider.
The web is full of people who want great fresh content: true. Those same people are willing to pay good money for that content: hardly. Let it be known that while some writing gigs do pay well, many do not. The key to sustaining an income as a freelance writer is to have passive streams of income, and dynamic streams of income.
What is the difference between the two? For example, you write 10 articles every week and promote them on various websites while showing affiliate links on your article pages, which nets you about $300.00 every month, without varying too much. That is a passive income stream, you can pretty much count on it, which also means that you could pay regular bills with it and support yourself.
Another example, you have written a short novel and have been querying editors and publishers for months in an effort to get a book deal, so far with no success; then after almost a year of denials, you finally get a book deal with a $4000.00 cash advance. That is an example of a dynamic income stream, something you can’t count on because you never know when or how much you will get from deals like that.
Amazingly, many writers, especially new ones, fail to comprehend the difference between the two types of income. They frequently fail because not many people can work for free for very long. You can’t just start a writing career and begin by spending all your time writing and pitching one book; unless of course you are independently wealthy and are just working for the fun of it. Most writers aren’t, so they need some form of a steady income to sustain their more ambitious freelance efforts.
In order to develop a steady income, many writers create their own blogs, promote affiliate programs on them, or write articles and submit them to websites like Associated Content. Another good way to get some money flowing is to search for blog owners that are looking for writers to post regularly to their blogs. Many of them pay you per post, sometimes that can be as little as $5.00 per post or even as much as $100.00 and up.
No matter how many dead-ends you run into when looking for writing work, just keep plugging away and you will eventually find something good. Continue to keep reinventing yourself as you learn, writing can open up all sorts of new doors for people; you just have to be persistent. In my new eBook Confessions of a Freelance Writer, I explain the most profitable ways for a freelance writer to succeed online. In it I share some of my very best secrets and techniques that have worked so well for me over the years, be sure to read it when you get the chance. Best of luck to you!

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