Copywriting – Sizzling Sales Pages Coin Money For You

The online world provides you with an endless flow of clients for your copywriting services business. Many of your clients will be Internet marketers selling products online, so writing Web sales pages is an important part of your business.
Here are four tips to help you to write sales pages which sizzle, and get a great response.
1. Use suspense to keep prospects reading down the page
Long or short? Are long Web sales pages mandatory?
Many of your copywriting services customers demand long sales pages, of ten to 20 print pages (2,500 or 5000 words).
Writing a long sales page that prospects will read is a challenge. To keep prospects reading, one of your most useful tricks is to use suspense.
Plant questions in your prospect’s mind, but don’t answer those questions immediately. Then before you answer one question, ask another.
You’ll notice that I used this technique when I asked the question above “Are long Web sales pages mandatory?”.
Here’s the answer: that depends on the product and on your writing skills. As long as you’re explaining the benefits of the product, keep writing – and entertain as you write, boredom is death to sales copy. You’ll know what your prospect is bored, because you’ll be bored as you write.
2. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of the customer
When you write sales copy, you’re putting yourself in the shoes of the customer. Ask yourself questions – who, what, why, when, where and how?, and answer those questions before you start writing.
Research online, as well as offline. Are there competing products? (There usually are.) What makes your product different and better?
Use the product yourself as part of your research. Ideally, talk to people who are using it. You’ll need to include testimonials, so chat to the product’s users and find out how and why they’re using the product.
3. Test your headline – create at least two headlines, for split testing
It’s often said that the headline is the most important part of a sales page. While this is true – without an attention-grabbing headline you won’t get a chance to make your offer – the offer is just as important as the headline.
If your client forgets the offer – you feel the offer isn’t compelling enough – work with your client to improve it. What are his competitors offering? Aim to make the offer so outstanding that it’s literally an offer a prospect can’t refuse.
Create two versions of your sales page with two different headlines so that your client can split test the sales page. Of course when you change the headline, you’ll need to edit the sales page slightly to conform to the new headline.
4. Keywords are vital for free traffic
Because your client will be advertising his product, and using your sales page as a landing page, copywriters often forget that keywords are important when writing sales pages.
If you omit keywords, your client will miss out on free traffic over the coming months and years. So choose two or three keywords, and include them on the sales page.
So there you have four tips which will make your sales pages sizzle. Here’s an additional tip – remember to write sales pages for your copywriting services business too: use your copywriting skill for your own business as well as for your clients.

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