Tropical wellness at the Beauty Farm Alhambra with the packages “Fig&Papaya”, “Coconutbeauty”, “RichyKiwi” and “FirMango”

While waiting for the summer holidays, a fruity break to relax among the hills of Tabiano and take care of the self with the hammam, the exclusive treatments of the “water pathway” and other pleasant massages. Do not waste time, the offer is valid from the 29th of May to the 20th of June 2010.

All the energy and sweetness of the tropical fruits at the Beauty Farm Alhambra are translated into four wellness packages with an exotic taste, which, starting with the hammam, invites to relax and take care of the self.
Hammam during the summer? Yes, because it helps to lower the body temperature, giving a pleasant sensation of freshness. If combined with the peeling, the “vapour bath” contributes to renovate the tan, that is so mantained more luminous and long-lasting.
At the “Istanbul Baths”, the hammam programme suggested by the wellness centre, the first step is the Tepidarium: a room where music, perfumes and green tea welcome the guests, that can put all the stress and everyday tensions aside.  When the body gets used to the temperature (35°-40°), it is time for the Calidarium (45°-55°) to indulge in the warm embrace of the vapour, which helps to eliminate toxins and liquids in eccess. Immersed in the Frigidarium, a spa tub with an almost 18° temperature, body and mind regain freshness and vigour. At last, time to relax with herbal teas and pastries before switching to the next treatment, such as those of the exclusive “Water pathway”: the “Toning Polynesian Rain” and the “Submerged Sounds Bath”.
From the Polynesian Islands to the hills of Tabiano it arrives this particular shower which alternates cold and hot water jets, a real panacea for reactivating the blood circulation and toning the body.  
Diving in the “Submerged Sounds Bath” is an authentic sensorial experience, which exploits the water temperature, the soft lights abd the sweetness of sounds to give a deep sensation of peace and balance. There are many others massages to experience, of course: antistress, with aromatic and essential oils, specific beauty treatments for face and body such as different types of peeling: revitalizing or regenerating to have a silky and luminous skin.

–    free entrance at the “Istanbul Baths” hammam (1h 20’)
–    1 toning Polynesian rain (8’)
–    1 aromatic massage (25’)
Eur 235,00 per person

–    free entrance at the “Istanbul Baths” hammam (1h 20’)
–    1 relaxing massage with aromatic oils (25’)
–    1 session in the submerged sounds bath (20’)
Eur 242,00 per person

–    free entrance at the “Istanbul Baths” hammam (1h 20’)
–    1 revitalizing body peeling (25’)
–    1 toning massage (25’) for a load of new energy
Eur 323,00 per person

“FIRMANGO” – 4 nights
–    free entrance at the “Istanbul Baths” hammam (1h 20’)
–    1 re-equilibrating facial treatment with pure essential oils, specific for any type of skin (50’)
–    1 regenerating body peeling to give vigour and brightness
–    1 antistress massage (50’)
–    1 session in the submerged sounds bath (20’)
Eur 494,00 per person

All the packages include: stay, full board, in double or twin room at the Grand Hotel Terme Astro. Immersed in the green splendour of an ancient park, the structure, with its 115 rooms, includes also the Beauty Farm Alhambra and it is provided with a wide park, a swimming pool with an outstanding view on the surrounding hills.
The guests that choose one of the packages will also receive the One Day Card, a 10% discount on the shopping at the Fidenza Outlet Village.
For further information on the wellness offers, the hammam of Tabiano and the beauty treatments please visit the website www.beautyfarmalhambra.it

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