Using A Journal To Hone Your Writing – Journal Writing Topics

There’s nothing like a good book or even reading a good article, either at the beginning or the end of the day, to really inspire you. And inspiration from reading can often lead to writing, which is perhaps why reading and writing often go hand in hand. Take a look inside almost any book on writing, and book authors talk at length about how often they read. One author even suggested reading 1000 words for every word you write.
The best thing to start with on your writing journey is a good writing journal. Laptops are great, but sometimes you will be in a place where you won’t want to be lugging around electronics. Writers of all kinds in the 19th century used to have journals called commonplace books – a kind of journal where the writer would place all their musings, little stories, notes, or even pictures they’d drawn of things that inspire them. In fact, the writing journal is an excellent way to store items of a common theme. Journals can be leather-bound, lined or unlined journals, embossed journals, fold-over journals, or even extra-large journals, particularly for a longer story or a 19th century-type commonplace book that could last for years.
Despite modern technology (or maybe helped by it), the art of letter-writing and notetaking will likely never die. Sometimes just putting pen to paper – especially if it’s crisp and lovely gold-foil stationery or a delicate thank you note or notecards – is enough to really get you going in the writing process, whether you’re writing a note to a friend, or starting a diary, or attempting to write poetry or a story. After all, we never really can run out of things to say, can we? We just need the right writing tools and resources. It all starts with a journal, a great pen, and a sturdy writing surface.
Like many things in life, it’s always best to be thorough, to ensure you have all the tools you need for writing, like a nice sturdy surface to write on, such as a lap desk or stationery box, particularly if you happen to be in a place where you can’t get a traditional workspace or table to write on. Sometimes the best writing resources can be a lap desk writing set or a writer’s box with journals and pens, which some stores offer. Let the writer within you begin, and make sure you have all the tools you need to make a great writing start.

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